Letters to the editor

I-1631 has unrealistic ambitions

From many of the promoters and supporters of the carbon fee initiative, I-1631, come two basic arguments. One is true; the other could not be… Continue reading


Many factors behind mass shootings

Why are we experiencing so many mass shootings? I am sure we have yet to discover many reasons and possible solutions. This complicated problem takes… Continue reading


Legislators don’t care about seniors on fixed income

Gov. Inslee, our Washington legislators and local leaders (including Kitsap County commissioners) do not care about seniors on a fixed income. Their main purpose seems… Continue reading


Working together is encouraged when we talk about it

Thanks for reporting about bipartisanship in state and national government (“Spellman, others showed value of bipartisanship,” In Our Opinion, Kitsap Daily News, Jan. 18). This… Continue reading

We need Olds’ voice of reason and sense of outrage

I’d like to give a shout of support for columnist Marylin Olds. I count on her voice of reason and sense of outrage — just… Continue reading

God bless our law enforcement officers

I would like those that have previously signed Initiative 940, which would change standards for police use of deadly force — and those that would… Continue reading

Slow to learn what Ayn Rand knew

The Marylin Olds view of history only displays criticism and contempt for the visionary leaders that pioneered and brought prosperity as this great nation was… Continue reading

The White House as 1970s sitcom

Is the old television sitcom “All in the Family” the real reason more than 60 million American voters preferred Archie Bunker for President, as well… Continue reading

Oppose the limiting of the Antiquities Act of 1906

Today, I read an article about a proposed law to limit the Antiquities Act of 1906, which empowers the president to create new national monuments… Continue reading

Reflections on winter in Poulsbo

At a grocery store above PoulsboI wheeled the wobbly cart out slowto see the season’s bright first snowof this winter’s logbook yet. It started its… Continue reading

It’s just a way to try to obfuscate the truth

I enjoyed reading Alan Jackson’s Dec. 22 letter to the editor (“Transitions require flexibility in Logan Act,” page A4, North Kitsap Herald). It is what… Continue reading

Take serious action before another life is lost

“Try to come up with solutions.” Really? The recent article in the North Kitsap Herald which covered the tragic death of one of our elderly… Continue reading

Appoint Abby Garland to the Poulsbo City Council

Now that John R. Bukowsky has decided not to accept the Poulsbo City Council position, Abby Garland should be considered as the appointee to the… Continue reading

Congress should just tell the truth about the tax ‘scam’

Beyond all of the needless cruelty done to children, seniors, veterans, teachers and heroes currently serving in our military, perhaps the worst thing about the… Continue reading

No ‘Nyet’ yet, but lawyers in hand

Alan Jackson wrote a lengthy letter to the editor for the Nov. 17 issue of the Herald. In it, he revealed a list of what… Continue reading

Transitions require flexibility in Logan Act

The integrity of Mueller’s lawyers, seeking dirt on the President’s team, has become farcical. Any team of lawyers who were major donors and lawyers for… Continue reading

Holiday thanks from Poulsbo Community Orchestra

On behalf of our young community orchestra, the musicians and I extend our sincere gratitude to those attending our Dec. 3 Christmas Concert at North… Continue reading

Some towing regulations are needed

I parked my car in a church parking lot for about three hours to ride with some friends. I thought it would be safe and… Continue reading

Enjoys column by Police Chief Strachan

Letting you know how much we are enjoying the “Police Calls” column written by Chief Strachan. It’s laugh out loud funny! Keep it coming …… Continue reading

Rule change would give employers ownership of tips

The U.S. Department of Labor wants to steal tips from restaurant servers and give them to owners. As one of the multitude of women who… Continue reading