God bless our law enforcement officers

I would like those that have previously signed Initiative 940, which would change standards for police use of deadly force — and those that would intend to vote in favor of this, to think about Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel McCartney, recently killed while performing his duty serving and protecting the residents of this state.

I’d like you to also think about his wife, who no longer has a husband to hold; and three sons, now without a father to help guide them through life. While you’re at it, think about the numerous other police officers around the country that have lost their lives by the violent actions of criminals. Think about the lives of countless families whose lives have been shattered.

De-escalation training for, and review of prosecution actions on, police officers? Perhaps you should “walk a mile in their shoes.” You try walking up to an automobile, a closed door, or around a dark corner of a building, not knowing if some lunatic is waiting to blow you away (which unfortunately seems to be an ever-increasing occurrence).

I say, God bless the law enforcement officers of this country. I, for one, am thankful to them.

Paul Tweiten