Working together is encouraged when we talk about it

Thanks for reporting about bipartisanship in state and national government (“Spellman, others showed value of bipartisanship,” In Our Opinion, Kitsap Daily News, Jan. 18).

This working together is encouraged when we talk about it. At the federal level, Washington state’s congressional delegation has often worked together. In the recent past, all members of the delegation signed a letter to then-President Obama to robustly fund the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. More recently more than half of our delegation signed onto a bipartisan resolution supporting the Global Partnership for Education.

We can encourage this working across the aisle by thanking our members of the House and our senators for this kind of work and asking them to do more. A call, a letter, or a visit from constituents is the most powerful way to insure this kind of work increases. Isn’t that worth a few minutes of our time?

Willie Dickerson