December Rotary news

Kingston Prepares Start with a party. That was the counterintuitive message hundreds of Kingston residents heard Nov. 6 about how to get ready for a… Continue reading


There would be no woods, only rubble, if the two-inch long yellow-spotted millipedes didn’t consume vast amounts of fallen leaves. Photo courtesy Catherine Whalen.

Much to do in Hansville this December

It’s a good time to take a brisk walk in the woods. And if you do, watch your step! There is plenty of life flourishing… Continue reading


It’s a country christmas in Port Gamble

Drum roll please … Port Gamble Country Christmas is here We are stocked and ready for perhaps our biggest event of the year, Port Gamble’s… Continue reading


December developments on Poulsbo’s waterfront

Wow… does time truly fly! This is Scuttlebutt number 60, and the Port of Poulsbo is most appreciative to Sound Publishing and the North Kitsap… Continue reading

What’s the deal with carbon?

Sometimes we hear people say things like “carbon is a big problem” or “we need to regulate and reduce carbon.” We might be asked to… Continue reading

Holiday traditions from Kiwanis

By Pat Bennett-Forman Kingston Kiwanis invites the community to share in two holiday service traditions in the coming weeks. First, on Dec. 7, members welcome… Continue reading

  • Nov 28, 2019

Holiday Enjoyment and Self Care

How to enjoy the holiday season while avoiding its excesses Bremerton – Once again the holidays are fast approaching. This is a joyous time of… Continue reading

  • Nov 28, 2019

Don’t blame Chiefstick, examine police conduct

Like many others in North Kitsap, I was horrified when our community became the latest place to see a person of color shot dead by… Continue reading

  • Nov 27, 2019

Crossing the bridge to hunger

Sometimes suffering is obvious; sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we know someone is homeless; with hunger, we usually don’t know. If someone is injured on the… Continue reading

America’s secondhand evolution

Capitalism is man’s creation, designed so that corporations only grow larger and more powerful over time. Created in 16th century Europe, it has peaked worldwide… Continue reading

Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition a return to cooperation

The Billy Frank Jr. Salmon Coalition is looking forward to another year of working together to accomplish responsible management through responsible leadership. We formed the… Continue reading

  • Nov 11, 2019

A Veterans Day ‘thanks’

— Dave Granlund, PoliticalCartoons.com

It’s Apple Cup time

Football season is in full swing and along with it, the traditional University of Washington and Washington State University rivalry, which culminates in the Apple… Continue reading

  • Nov 4, 2019

Do your civic duty and vote on Nov. 5

Have you voted yet? If not, remember your ballot has to be postmarked or deposited on or before Nov. 5. Do your civic duty and… Continue reading

  • Nov 3, 2019

Martinez and Moffatt for School Board

Dear North Kitsap friends, This Nov. 5 is election day and there are several school board positions open. I would encourage you to join me… Continue reading

  • Nov 3, 2019

Seeing systems around us

During October I participated with a few others in a four-week discussion course on climate change, hosted by Stillwaters. The course, titled “Change Is Our… Continue reading

Community changes the story for neighbors in need

Community changes the story for neighbors in need

Rights of nature are essential

Our world today isn’t particularly crowded with healthy views. However, a billionaire, a die-hard who still thinks they have a story to stick to, or… Continue reading

Kingston’s Stan Mack talks affordable housing

This is the third in a series of columns focusing on the topics that were selected by participants at the March 2019 Kingston Community Conversation.… Continue reading

  • Nov 1, 2019
<em>The sparrow-sized Northern Pygmy Owl, an aggressive hunter with large feet and big eyes, has false eye spots at the back of its head that confuse predators.	 </em>Photo by Paul Bannick

The owl’s year and Christmas cheer

With their haunting calls, yellow, unblinking eyes, and the startling whoosh they make as they glide invisibly in the dead of night, it’s no wonder… Continue reading

<em>The sparrow-sized Northern Pygmy Owl, an aggressive hunter with large feet and big eyes, has false eye spots at the back of its head that confuse predators.	 </em>Photo by Paul Bannick