Salamanders: tiny creatures with a big impact

Have you ever walked through the woods and wondered who’s peering at you through the greenery? A black bear maybe? A wildcat? Strangely, one of… Continue reading


Op-Ed: Misleading statements by City of Bremerton Mayor don’t solve complex community issues

By Kitsap County Commissioners Charlotte Garrido, Robert Gelder and Edward Wolfe Governing complex public issues requires cooperative leadership to develop balanced solutions. We recently faced… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2019


Homeless students deserve a shot at college

State Sen. Emily Randall writes that providing better access to education is a winning proposition


It’s been a dreary month of July for Tim Eyman

Initiative tax cutter is losing his fanbase, Cornfield says

Mueller Before Congress

— Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer, N.C.

World Cup champions

— Bruce Plante, Tulsa World

<em>A walk in the forest can heal the mind. </em>
                                Photo courtesy Nancy Sefton
<em>A walk in the forest can heal the mind. </em>
                                Photo courtesy Nancy Sefton

In defense of Joe Biden’s switcheroo

H. L. Mencken, the famed crusty commentator, said one century ago: “A politician is an animal which can sit on a fence and yet keep… Continue reading

Bath time with a tanker

— Daryl Cagle, CagleCartoons.com

Different tragedies, same heartache: helpers begin healing process

For many veterans who have experienced the many traumas of combat, recovery often means the long, painful process of rehabilitation from drug and/or alcohol abuse… Continue reading

What gets measured gets managed

Choices for the Future

Royal Baby

— Rick McKee, Augusta Chronicle, GA

Democrats do victory lap at end of session

Political reporter Jerry Cornfield offers his view of the concluding state legislative session

Movable Hunger

Recently I saw a documentary about artist Michael Heizer’s installation “Levitated Mass,” which involved transporting a 340-ton boulder from a quarry in Riverside, Calif. to… Continue reading


— R.J. Matson, CQ Roll Call

Bingo wisdom: There’s life beyond the ‘O row’

Life is like a game of Bingo

It’s time for state to pay its electoral fair share

State Legislature needs to help fund the cost of elections

Stephen Miller

— Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News, N.Y.