Appoint Abby Garland to the Poulsbo City Council

Appoint Abby Garland to the Poulsbo City Council

Now that John R. Bukowsky has decided not to accept the Poulsbo City Council position, Abby Garland should be considered as the appointee to the position.

I do not know Abby nor have I ever met her, however I have read her resume’ and watched her answers to all of the questions posed to each candidate during the Herald’s pre-election forum.

Ms. Garland clearly has the desire, intelligence and energy to perform the duties of a council person. With a period of researching the role and what it requires she could provide some youth and additional gender balance to the council.

Additionally, as a comparative newcomer and an enthusiastic Poulsbo citizen, Garland’s views on the future of our city would also be welcome in our ever changing and growing community.

Speaking from the experience of having been elected to a city council, and then appointed mayor at the ripe old age of 27 without an ounce of political experience, I can attest to the fact that one does not have to be a rocket scientist to learn the ins and outs of legislating and negotiating government issues.

A sense of fair play, an honest desire to give time and energy to serve one’s community while managing a household as a stay at home mother coupled with a college education is qualification enough for this writer to urge the Poulsbo mayor and City Council to appoint Abby Garland to the position.

Bill Effinger