Many factors behind mass shootings

Why are we experiencing so many mass shootings?

I am sure we have yet to discover many reasons and possible solutions. This complicated problem takes deep, extensive examination; a simple sound-bite answer doesn’t exist.

I am going deep about values we learn, perhaps even before birth as we hear sounds. We learn our values from others and our life experiences. Others around us in our very early years have a huge impact on our learning. Dads and moms are equally important. Many of the mass shooters didn’t have a significant, responsible dad in the home. This is an important factor, but not the only one.

We all have value systems like economic, health, education, morality and compassion for others. Our values help determine our behavior and actions. I am now focusing on morality and compassion for others. Those that don’t learn how to respect others are more inclined to be mean to others and animals too, maybe to bully, harm enemies, being greedy, to want power over others to mask feelings of inferiority, taking from others and Earth and lying about it. This person is not a good choice for a partner or a leader.

It would be great if every child had a nurturing mom and dad. It would be great if all dads learned responsibility. That in itself started with the parenting of him. This starts now with the child of today. I have a great respect for all the loving moms and dads out there. Providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all kids like the precious ones I tutor at Wolfle Elementary is the responsibility of us all.

Helen Hoover

Former teacher