Slow to learn what Ayn Rand knew

The Marylin Olds view of history only displays criticism and contempt for the visionary leaders that pioneered and brought prosperity as this great nation was growing (“Return of the Gilded Age of Robber Barons,” page A4, Dec. 29 North Kitsap Herald).

It is so easy to criticize and pick holes in everything and anyone who creates a successful business. What an irony: The poor came to this land so they could work to put food on their families’ tables, and today hundreds of millions of families worldwide proudly work so they can buy food, homes, cars and cellphones, because of those assertive and determined kings of industry and new entrepreneurs that Marylin so despises.

Alas, far too many need to apply themselves to a more productive and fulfilling life — unless, of course, you feel you have found your niche in resistance, obstruction and continual moaning. Ayn Rand had it figured out in the last century; others will always be slower to learn.

Alan Jackson