Transitions require flexibility in Logan Act

Transitions require flexibility in Logan Act

The integrity of Mueller’s lawyers, seeking dirt on the President’s team, has become farcical.

Any team of lawyers who were major donors and lawyers for any of Clinton’s activities was questionable from the start. We are led to believe the worst offenders have now been removed. What is also playing out is the Logan Act, or interpretation of it, being used as reason for potential charges.

The Logan Act was written in 1799 to prohibit private citizens from causing confusion and unrest by speaking with foreign governments, inferring they were speaking for the American government. Following that 1799 period, there have been centuries of tolerance and expected flexibility to the Logan Act, especially prior to and during presidential transitions. Unless, of course, you are running an investigation by a Democrat donor lawyer, based on a fake dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton and actioned with FBI support, who now need to cover hers and their own posteriors for their alleged perversion and corruption.

Insist on law and order with a level field — always.

Merry Christmas and prosperity to everyone.

Alan Jackson