Some towing regulations are needed

Some towing regulations are needed

I parked my car in a church parking lot for about three hours to ride with some friends. I thought it would be safe and secure at the church. When we returned, the car was gone.

We wouldn’t have known where our car was but a man in the church parking lot told us that our car had been towed by a Silverdale towing company. We had to pay $370 to get our car back. I would like to know if this has happened to somebody else. We didn’t see any “No Parking” signs when we parked. The next day, we saw somebody putting up “No Parking” signs.

When I called the attorney general about the matter, he told me what the church had done was not legal because a church is considered a public place, but it wouldn’t help me get my $370 back. I’m just wondering if anyone else was treated this way or was I the only one. Maybe to some, $370 isn’t much money, but for someone on a fixed income that amount would have paid necessary bills.

Can’t we have some regulations on towing companies?

Alan Shelbourn