No ‘Nyet’ yet, but lawyers in hand

No ‘Nyet’ yet, but lawyers in hand

Alan Jackson wrote a lengthy letter to the editor for the Nov. 17 issue of the Herald. In it, he revealed a list of what he knows about the lives of the Clinton family and of Democratic behaviors over many years.

What is important especially is that he knows enough to make up his mind about each and every issue and event because it has been reported via social media and news agencies and public perception and congressional investigation. The onion has been peeled.

It is probable that on the issue of the point of view of the Democratic National Committee that Mr. Jackson is not well informed. The DNC is not also the Independent National Committee, so support for an Independent and Socialist is not exactly expected by active voters. Populist thinking is a vital part of a democracy, but not at all part of a democratic republic where the interests of a majority will be tended by representatives elected by a majority, but also duty bound to protect the rights of the minority. Democracy, on the other hand, protects what is possessed by the majority. See proposals on SNIP and SNAP and see the font-size change for the word “Medicaid,” in keeping with its proposed funding size.

I can hope that Mr. Jackson is keeping a log on the issues that are revealed from time to time about the current administration. So far, some of the boys and girls have not said “Nyet” in time, but some seem to have obtained a personal lawyer.

Mike Hattrick