Letters to the Editor

Health reality

Public education is a hot topic of letters to the editor in this community. While we welcome public input, there is a stark difference between raising questions and spreading a false narrative related to public education. It is alarming to see letters driven by an agenda that is not at all related to supporting the success of schools, students or staff.

An example is one that makes false claims about the school Health Services staff. Claims that school nurses provide birth control, arrange for abortions, provide morning-after pills, and treat sexually transmitted diseases are simply not true. What school Health Services staff do so well on a daily basis are things like support medically fragile students, respond to illness or injuries that happen at school, administer medication that has been provided by parents for their student, and support the physical wellness of students.

As superintendent, I can say we have a dedicated team of school health service professionals who work tirelessly with our students and parents to ensure that students are healthy and safe while they are at school.

Tim Winter

Port Orchard

Information control

To the editor:

If you haven’t heard, the South Kitsap School District has a new policy whereby the superintendent and the board chair now control the opinions of the district and all of the information (anyone who disagrees may be fired).

When they speak, it is now “the truth” and any contrary comments are now, by definition, “misinformation.” That stops rogue board members and all district employees from disagreeing with the “real truth.” Now, information on every policy, pay raise, levy and bond will be nothing but “the truth” from the SKSD.

The latest $12,000 “mailer” was cherry-picked information. Being a district product, it is now “the truth.” The academic figures don’t agree with what OSPI has but anyone saying otherwise is now guilty of spreading “misinformation.” With a bond issue (again) and levies coming the “real truth” will only come from Mr. Winter and Mr. Wilson.

The district now says (new policy) that the pool was not a huge cost overrun. It was sadly “misinformation” sent out by someone. So, always expect nothing but great news.

Newspapers have little time to do in-depth investigation. Now, they will print what the district tells them is “the truth.” Anyone who looks at other sources will be guilty of spreading “misinformation.”

Submitting a request for information results in getting back what the district wants to give to you. Board meetings will be the cherry-picked “truth.” Saying otherwise is spreading “misinformation.”

Jeff Daily

Port Orchard

Nursing stations?

To the editor:

Washington state has joined California, Oregon and four other states in establishing enhanced K-12 nursing stations in all schools.

The plan with the new program from the start is that no student information in this program will be shared with parents. Let me be clear with that statement “nothing.”

Nurses will provide birth control, arrange for the performance of abortions, provide morning-after pills, treat sexually transmitted diseases, assist with gender-changing programs, and provide psychological help for the mentally ill wanting to change gender, to name a few things in the plan.

Naturally, all districts will have to immediately initiate a $50 million levy or bond to fund this medical service, raising the question about how soon taxpayers can expect that action to occur.

Now inquiring minds want to know; how soon will the district commence implementing this new nursing program in all the district schools?

Larry Mann

Port Orchard