Letter to the editor

Where funds really go

To the editor:

As I read articles regarding the passage of school levies, I question if all the facts are known so voters can make an informed decision. Each levy article starts with “it’s for the kids,” which is an emotional appeal that we all respond to. After all, who isn’t for kids and education? But levies are failing- why?

The upcoming Central Kitsap levy says the funds are to fund SPED, sports and other additional student needs. Why is SPED, a federally guaranteed program; sports, mainly funded by the state (state tournaments); and other student’s needs, SEL, etc., always held hostage to the voters? Will these programs really end if the levy fails?

What seems to always be missing is that 85% of the levy goes to support excess employees, and bloated district pay and perks. That leaves 15% “for the kids”. In the case of the CK levy, 15% of $21 million is $3.15 million. That is all that goes “to the kids” for their programs. You never hear that any district will cut people, pay and perks to help get more money “to the kids.”

Some argue that the 85% is for more staff who “support the kids.” Perhaps somewhat true, but exactly what are the voters buying? For example, CK has replaced health aides with registered nurses—a very expensive substitution when the district can do little other than call the parent or 911 due to health laws. There are many more examples to explore. Please vote but know what you are really voting for.

Jeff Daily