Take serious action before another life is lost

Take serious action before another life is lost

“Try to come up with solutions.”


The recent article in the North Kitsap Herald which covered the tragic death of one of our elderly residents and severe injury to another produced this astounding response to the presentation of two residents addressing the City Council on the issue of correcting a very bad situation.

What kind of a clueless response is this from our city government? Trying to come up with solutions is not the answer we Poulsbo residents should want to hear.

There are several very tricky intersections in our small town because of the way it has outgrown its original and very limited waterfront village design and the slow-moving traffic of early Poulsbo. “We will engage expert traffic engineers to solve the problem” is what we want and should expect to hear from our growth-oriented leaders.

Mayor Erickson over the past few years has often stated her desire to see Poulsbo grow, but with that goal comes the necessary kind of planning and expertise needed to solve the very real problems which are a natural outgrowth of that goal.

Solving the problems of the many existing and dangerous intersections throughout the city should have top priority before other tragedies occur. Engaging experienced traffic engineers to help solve these issues is where the council should direct its attention.

Yes, that will probably cost some unbudgeted funding, but what is the cost of another lost life?

Bill Effinger