It’s just a way to try to obfuscate the truth

It’s just a way to try to obfuscate the truth

I enjoyed reading Alan Jackson’s Dec. 22 letter to the editor (“Transitions require flexibility in Logan Act,” page A4, North Kitsap Herald).

It is what he does not say that I present as an antithesis response.

Mr. Jackson implies that Mueller’s investigators and lawyers should not be seeking dirt on the president’s team. He questions the entire group’s integrity based upon two FBI team members backing Clinton and some other team members’ contributions to the Democratic Party.

Alan demands an impartial or Trump-favored team composed of people who either do not participate in our democracy, or those that contributed to and/or voted only for Trump. Only then can Trump get a fair and unbiased investigation … right? I am sure Alan would assure us that a thorough investigation, including prosecution of wrongdoing, would occur if conducted by those showing fealty to Trump.

By Alan’s farcical standards of justice, money laundering must be overlooked, as is cutting deals to turnover U.S. citizens to Turkey at their behest.

The Logan Act discussion is just a way to obfuscate the truth, which is what the Alan is really trying to do.

The Mueller Team has great dirt: Flynn getting big income from Russia and Turkey. The Trump campaign manager — the guy managing the Trump campaign —was found neck-deep with ties to Russia, visiting Moscow 18 times, Kiev 19. Alan wants to dismiss these conjugal visits to the motherland as innocent trips with no strings attached to the Trump campaign.

Flynn is singing, and Manafort has an ankle monitor. I am confident that many investigation federal agents and prosecutors are registered Republicans and, like Mueller, they swore to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, including the domestic ones, and they are adhering to their pledge.

Doug Terry