Letters to the Editor

Supports North Kitsap School District levies

I urge citizens to vote “yes” for both North Kitsap School District levies. These renewal levies will not increase property taxes. A “yes” on the… Continue reading

Seaside development resembles Army barracks

Regarding the proposed Seaside Townhouse Development meeting that took place Jan. 24 in Kingston: First, a big thank you to the county and the developer… Continue reading

Change, yes. But positive? No

I was surprised to learn from Mr. Bethel that we can “celebrate significant and positive changes” of the 2017 Trump presidency (“The White House as… Continue reading

Require notification before removing offender from registry

Regarding RCW 9A.44.140, “Registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders — Duty to register”: Just wondering if I’m the only person in Washington state that… Continue reading

School levies are taxation, pure and simple

I love how you stacked the school taxes story by only printing letters in support of it (page A4, Feb. 2 North Kitsap Herald). That’s… Continue reading

The dangers of unregulated laissez-faire capitalism

Contrary to what Alan Jackson purported in his Jan. 4 critique, Marilyn Olds’ column was not a condemnation of entrepreneurs, capitalism, or jealous envy of… Continue reading

Track our elected officials’ progress on campaign promises

I wanted to send congratulations to the North Kitsap Herald Editorial Board for the objectively written “In Our Opinion” editorial published Feb. 2 (“Tracking campaign… Continue reading

We get the government we vote (or don’t) vote for

It’s encouraging to see that nine Poulsbo citizens stepped forward for consideration for City Council appointment. The North Kitsap Herald’s editorials on the subject of… Continue reading

The White House as change agent for America

I really liked the comparison of Donald Trump to Archie Bunker (“The White House as 1970s sitcom,” page A4, Jan. 5 North Kitsap Herald). The… Continue reading

Bond Road is congested and becoming more dangerous

I am a proud parent of two wonderful children here in the North Kitsap area. It is no surprise that the Kingston-to-Poulsbo stretch of Bond… Continue reading

Taxes seem to be in excess

Will someone please explain why we need two school levies in addition to the huge state property tax increase that is the result of the… Continue reading

Our children deserve a 21st century education

On Feb. 13, the North Kitsap community will have a chance to reaffirm their support of schools and students by approving two levy measures. Given… Continue reading

Supports levies for North Kitsap schools

At long last, an election item that crosses the aisle. Whether conservative or liberal, libertartian or progressive, Democrat, Republican or Independent, the upcoming North Kitsap… Continue reading

Our scholars and schools need our levy support

Xi Jinping is China’s most powerful leader in years and has total control of the country’s 1.4 billion people, advancing his leadership role abroad, and… Continue reading

Working together is encouraged when we talk about it

Thanks for reporting about bipartisanship in state and national government (“Spellman, others showed value of bipartisanship,” In Our Opinion, Kitsap Daily News, Jan. 18). This… Continue reading

Uphold due process of Mueller investigation

This is an urgent plea for Congress to resist Trump and the GOP attempts to stop Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller from his investigation of the… Continue reading

Don’t close America’s doors to others

An open letter to President Trump. Dear Mr. President: Apparently you are not aware that Norwegians have been immigrating to our continent for hundreds of… Continue reading

Generosity is changing girls’ lives

I have always believed the North Kitsap community to be one with a big heart. That conviction was confirmed this week when the fundraiser, “Game… Continue reading

Concerned about pedestrian safety

Just a note to tell you that I really like your editorials about pedestrian safety: “Make pedestrian safety a priority” (Dec. 29), “What residents say… Continue reading

  • Jan 18, 2018

We need Olds’ voice of reason and sense of outrage

I’d like to give a shout of support for columnist Marylin Olds. I count on her voice of reason and sense of outrage — just… Continue reading