Daily will transform district for ALL students

Chris Reykdal, Washington state Superintendent of Public Instruction, said in his message, in part, 9/23/19:

“All means all. We want all students prepared for post-secondary aspirations, careers and civic engagement; but we cannot get there without transforming the system and thinking hard about the kind of schools we want our young people to grow up in.”

The keyword that he repeats is ALL when referring to students. If ever there was a district in need of “transformation,” it is our South Kitsap School District.

While this is huge order, there is one man — Jeff Daily — that is up to help in this task if elected to the South Kitsap School Board director for District 5. He is a decorated war hero who saved the lives of many others and thus knows how to be a team player. He also is action-oriented.

Jeff also has a 12-year teaching history in special education, which we know takes patience and dedication. The last of his accomplishments that qualify Jeff is his experience managing large sums of money — some $290 million while working for the government.

So if you are interested in investing in ALL our children’s futures, vote Jeff Daily for South Kitsap School Board Director No. 5.

Lucinda Tharp

Port Orchard