Character is critical

Character is critical

In an American president, both character and clear vision should matter. Yet Trump’s political appeal is largely based on a presently hot stock market, Trump-induced voter paranoia, and trash-talking political opponents. President Trump’s social policies and hateful rhetoric toward his political opponents consistently reveal that he lacks both character and clear vision. His view of success is limited to economic success. He opposes intellectual advancement and unifying political reform He lies constantly and shamelessly, cheats and breaks promises, and has paid hush money to hide his adulterous affairs. Unlike The Wizard of Oz, he is not hiding behind a curtain. His values are in plain sight for all to see.

Character counts! Shed your blinders. Open your eyes. Join me in prizing character and humane values over mere economic ones. “I love my stock market returns” is not reason enough to re-elect a president with a mafia mentality. I implore you not to set yourself up for a great fall, like that of Humpty Dumpty.

Tom Driscoll


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Character is critical

Character is critical In an American president, both character and clear vision… Continue reading

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