Anderson has been a force for change

On Monday evening, the Kitsap Public Facilities District voted unanimously to fund the South Kitsap Community Events Center with up to $12 million.

The primary economic benefit that convinced the PFD board to make this investment was the proposed $120 million redevelopment of downtown Port Orchard and restoration of the waterfront and shoreline areas, which is the result of the recently designated Opportunity Zones.

Last Saturday, Kitsap Transit hosted an informational meeting and shared an update on the beginning of fast ferry service from Southworth next year, which will connect South Kitsap to downtown Seattle in less than 30 minutes.

Gary Anderson has been a valuable part of each of these accomplishments. When we founded the Fast Ferry Task Force five years ago to draft a plan and design, and fund a campaign to establish fast ferry service, Gary was one of the original 10 who spent years working on the project.

When the effort to designate two Port Orchard Opportunity Zones was organized, Gary engaged to convince the state that our community deserved a “competitive zone.” And when we began the SK Community Events Center project that culminated Monday with the funding of the project, Gary was one of the first onboard, lobbying the KPFD to invest in SK.

I agree with Commissioner Ed Wolfe: Gary has been doing the job of economic development and community leadership that we expect of our Port commissioners. It’s time to give him the title he’s earned – please vote for Gary Anderson for Port of Bremerton commissioner.

Steve Sego

Waterman Investment Partners

Port Orchard