Driscoll diatribe belies liberal fallacies

I finally caught my breath after laughing at Comrade Driscoll’s latest hateful, slanderous and dishonest representation of the President.

When I think of the years Mr. Driscoll spent as an “educator,” I cringe at how many students he influenced with his “hate America” rhetoric. It is a shame that liberal orthodoxy has infected our education system for the past sixty or so years. The results are apparent in every facet of our life, but none more than what has happened to the “mainstream media.” We are bombarded daily with lies upon lies about everything that they deem sacred. The hatred of the president is, of course, the most prevalent. But then what would you expect from a group that is about ninety percent liberal and they were all on the losing side of the last presidential election. Not only did they support the wrong candidate, the last person they thought could win, won. And to top it off, he has been very successful at exposing the last president as the incompetent poser that he was. They really hate that, but the true America lovers knew it all along. As to Comrade Driscoll’s complaints about the roaring economy, what else would an America hater despise more than seeing everyday people actually supporting government policies that are beneficial to the average person. I suppose he would prefer we went back to the times of Carter when they had to coin a new phrase to explain the economic mess we were in. How about it comrade? Want your “Misery Index” back? Or perhaps you prefer the “new normal” of stagnation and malaise brought to us by your last savior, Obama.

Instead of talking about fantasy characters like wizards and falling eggs, wake up and smell the vodka. America haters are the real losers and always will be.

Henry Carnes,