HB 2642: helping those who need help

I am a person in recovery from substance abuse disorder. A group of my peers and I participated in the 5th annual Recovery Advocacy Day at the state capitol, coordinated by the Washington Recovery Alliance. We advocated for House Bill 2642, also known as “No Wrong Door” which relates to inpatient treatment accessibility.

Currently, inpatient behavioral health treatment providers require something called insurance preauthorization — proof that a patient’s insurance covers services at a given location — before that patient can receive care. As a result, patients in need of substance use and mental health treatment are often turned away when they seek help because of confusing insurance requirements.

HB 2642 would end pre-authorization for detox and residential treatment, creating a direct pathway to care for people seeking treatment, including those coming from jail or emergency rooms. Everyone deserves fully-covered care when they need it, regardless of confusing insurance networks and regulations.

I care about this bill very strongly because having firsthand experience with trying to get help, I know the window of desire to reach out assistance is very small. When someone struggling with addiction is desperate enough to seek help, they need treatment immediately.

Jilise Piete,