Speak up for North Kitsap Heritage Park

A volunteer group at the North Kitsap Heritage Park has proposed restricting the park’s use to habitat conservation with limited trails. Acceptance of their plan will block the park’s use for active recreation and for a community connector trail. This would erase two decades of parks and community trails planning by the county and Kingston community.

Heritage parks were conceived to protect natural areas while also accommodating passive and active recreation. The proposal precludes active recreation in the park. The North Kitsap Heritage Park, from its inception, has been a link in trails planned to connect communities. In all of our community and county plans these connections have been a Kingston priority.

Protecting natural resources is an important use of the heritage parks; the public is not served if that’s the only use. In addition to conservation district properties, the county has 19 park spaces dedicated to preserving habitat. The Great Peninsula Conservancy adds another 17. That’s an important habitat investment. Nevertheless, with limited county park and recreation resources it is also important that our North Kitsap Heritage Park adheres to its original and currently stated intent.

If you agree please contract our County Commissioners.

Walt Elliott,