Bipartisan Congress fighting to eradicate diseases

Occasionally, even in these partisan times, Congress can come together and pass legislation that has a positive effect on our country and the world.

A brave group of bipartisan legislators fought hard to preserve our pledge to the Global Fund, which supports research and the distribution of treatments for the deadly diseases AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Our nation has committed close to $5 billion to rid the planet of these diseases.

These treatments will save at least 16 million lives worldwide over the next three years with this funding.

The United States has always played a leading role funding the Global Fund to secure methods to eradicate these lethal diseases. Hopefully with continuing research and support, these terrible epidemics can be wiped out by the year 2030.

Congress can do good work and our Rep. Derek Kilmer has been on board with this legislation for a good number of years.

Pamela Sabo

South Kitsap