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Central Kitsap prom goes off without a hitch

Our senior prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event that was an all-around success. The Central Kitsap High School senior prom for the class of 2008 was not only fun, but also safe. The most important issue raised in preparation for this memorable night was the prevention of drunk driving. Under the direction of Mock Crash Chair Janice McFarland, CK Counselor Randy Templeton, MADD Coordinator Marsha Masters, and with the support of the administration and staff, the annual Mock Crash on April 22 touched the hearts of the students as well as the community.

Apology owed to Kitsap’s Jewish community

After reading the bigoted disinformative diatribe by Mike Eggert (CK Reporter, May 24), I´ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that no one else wrote and you just had to fill that space. Having, as a non-Jew, spent a lifetime witnessing the tragic history of the Jewish people unfold, Eggert wrote mainly of the reaction of the Israeli to the stubborn hostility to their settlement following their near extermination in Europe. He omitted the forced migration from Muslim lands of millions of Jews plus the effects of the generations of de-humanizing hate built up by these Muslims.

Fight the man — by buying fresh Bremerton bread!

Fantastic wonderful breads are now baked in Bremerton. If you want to fight commercial industrialization and conquer the world yourself, put down that plastic bag and the encased loaf of chemicals and buy a loaf of life-afirming bread.

Letters to the Editor

According to our Washington State Constitution, “It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children ... .”

Television transmission

The switch to digital

Elevating public dialogue

More comments on graffiti at the Kingston Skate Park

North Kitsap Letters to the Editor

Letters from North Kitsap-area residents.

North Kitsap Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor from North Kitsap residents.

Poulsbo fire chief: Thanks for supporting EMS levy

On behalf of the board of directors and the men and women of the Poulsbo Fire Department, I want to sincerely thank the citizens for their overwhelming support. Continuation of this EMS levy was an important part of our strategic planning process.

Letters Wednesday, May 28

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Letters to the Editor

I’ve read and heard a lot of complaints about the infamous Silverdale intersection and how it doesn’t make any sense. Actually, in comparison to the one mile of State Route 305 between Viking Way and the bottleneck at the top of the hill at the Lincoln Hill intersection in Poulsbo, the Silverdale intersection is a stroke of genius.

Letters to the Editor

Coyotes in Kitsap

Poulsbo Fire Department needs more reasonable levy request

I’m writing because I’d like to think that my family is a lot like many families in the Kitsap area. We are concerned with the rising costs of food, health care, and especially gas. It’s a difficult time right now and can be a struggle.

Letters to the Editor

It is apparent further clarification is needed to the letter by Pat and Gene DuVall printed in the Herald April 30. Their letter states, “One person alone does not speak for the diverse neighborhood of Eglon.” The DuValls refer to me as that one person. Having spoken to a large segment of Eglon residents, they expressed their opinions to me regarding the Greater Hansville Area designation for Eglon and plans for a sign being placed by the Hansville advisory group on the Eglon corner stating “Welcome to the Greater Hansville Area.” I, in turn, summarized their opinions and sent them to (Kitsap County) Commissioner (Steve) Bauer and to the Herald in my April 12 letter.

For most of us, life goes on from one day to the next

For most of us, life goes on from one day to the next without giving a second thought to all the risks around us. That heart attack, stroke, traffic accident or other life-threatening emergency always seems to happen to someone else. Sometimes those events happen close to home involving someone we know and that causes us to pause for a minute and think about those who were involved. One thing is for sure: When bad things happen in our lives, they happen fast with no time to prepare. Young and old, rich and poor, catastrophes can and do happen to everyone.

Letters to the Editor

The Almo

Letters to the Editor

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