Danielson a man of principle

I am a junior officer in the U.S. military and have been trained on the issues of conflict of interest with contractors.

In my opinion it is a glaring conflict of interest for judicial candidates to accept practicing Kitsap attorneys’ campaign donations.

While the law may permit this questionable practice, I believe our judicial candidates must opt to decline these contributions and stand independent of real or potential conflict.

This issue is pertinent because we have judicial candidates Jeanette Dalton and Greg Wall taking in a striking number of campaign donations from their fellow attorneys.

Judicial candidate Bruce Danielson’s principled decision to not accept contributions from area attorneys is most commendable.

The Web site http://votingforjudges.org/ permits you to can see the public disclosure on how much and where the three Superior Court candidates get the money to finance their campaigns, as well as what they have spent the money on.

You decide.

Send a message to the candidates as to which standard of behavior you endorse.

I, for one, will vote for and support Mr. Danielson’s taking the high road on the noble principle of judicial independence.


Bainbridge Island