Roundabout a colossal waste of money

Dunce hats to the Port Orchard City Council.

I suppose with the mentality of, “It’s not my money,” they feel free to spend over $15 million on two roundabouts that will slow emergency response time during peak hours and, mark my words, be as confusing as the two in Gig Harbor right off State Route 16.

Being billed as the “Gateway to Port Orchard” is rather odd, as in that area, it does not seem to represent what Port Orchard is.

What’s wrong with revised traffic lights that are in sync during peak traffic times? Why are they so dead set on roundabouts?

I personally dread when I go into Gig Harbor and have to use the ones on Burnham Drive. You don’t just flow through the circle, regardless what the traffic officials tell you.

There are still backups, and with two lanes, it is confusing.

Why do you think they came back and painted new arrows and lines, directing the traffic?

Somehow I think in Port Orchard it will not be any better.

I have traveled Tremont Street on occasion, during peak hours, and have never had to set up a tent due to an extended delay at that intersection.

If you want delay, come out to Sedgwick and sit through the lights there. One at the Lowe’s entrace, and two on either side of the overpass.

And they are not in sync. Peak hours there, you are lined up to Sidney Road.

When many police and fire officials voiced concerns over the proposed roundabouts, why were they met with deaf ears?

When many local residents voiced concerns, why were their words a waste of breath?

How about the chiropractic office, right on the corner? As stated previously, the roundabout had been a thought for a few years, and yet the Planning Commission approved Dr. Willyard’s office and location.

I’m sure he spent alot of money in just permits, and this and that that was required to build his business on that corner.

It sure seems like an awful lot of money to spend on one or two intersections. Makes you wonder who of importance owns property in that area, that may benefit from selling his property for roundabouts.

I know there are other areas in Port Orchard that could use some attention, and if you have that kind of money to spend, do the wise thing and keep the intersections, and make other improvements here and there.

Do those sitting on the City Council think they are wiser than our fire and police officials? In an emergency, every second counts. Perhaps roundabouts do well in other countries due to the fact they do not have as much commuter traffic?

I personally feel it is a foolish waste of taxpayer money to install these roundabouts. But then, in this case, the old saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted” comes to mind.


Port Orchard

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