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Letters from March 15, 2008

Thank youMany years of great serviceWe are writing this letter on behalf of ourselves, our families and our friends who have been patients of Dr.… Continue reading

Letter from March 19, 2008

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Letters from March 22, 2008

Wall woes: Work with Mexico on border controlThe administration is spending millions (probably ballooning into billions) on walling off the southern border of our country,… Continue reading

Letter from March 26, 2008

Tax increasesIt’s not OKWow! We have similar, simultaneous shows ongoing in government, here in Kitsap and there in our state capitol.In our 2007 general election,… Continue reading

Letter from March 29, 2008

Economic development: Not another big box storeHearing the announcement of yet another big box retailer planned for Silverdale, Lowes, which already has a megastore just… Continue reading


The Kitsap County Commissioners are elected to act on behalf of the citizens of this county. They have relegated their responsibilities to an unelected layer of quasi government, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC). Yes, they are elected and have the authority to govern for the people residing in Kitsap County. They should not give their power to PSRC.


See what happens when you’re not watching?

Honoring those who fought

The Filipino-American Association of Kitsap County President Pablo Lozano has again honored the Filipinos and Americans who fought the Imperial Japanese Army on Bataan. Mr. Lozano spoke of the battle for Bataan from the end of December 1941 that ended April 9, 1942. 76,000 American and Filipino soldiers with little food and ammunition, suffering from dysentery and malaria. 600 Americans and 6,000 Filipinos died from exhaustion or were murdered by the Japanese on the Death March.


One would think that any legislature facing a $2.4 billion deficit would cut back on spending. Not in Washington state. This year’s supplemental budget continues the spending spree begun last year.


Letter on lettersCheck your informationIn response to Nancy Zorrozua’s letter in the Saturday, April 19, Central Kitsap Reporter: Nancy, please check the date of your… Continue reading


I guess I was inspired to write this to encourage you to not just keep this as a seniors’ thing before prom. My friends weren’t seniors yet. Nor were they teens coming back from a special event such as prom or homecoming. I truly believe this is something that your entire student body should hear, see and partake in. My husband is a senior chief at the local submarine base and is strongly encouraging his sailors to attend one of the two remaining ones at the other high schools. We both strongly believe our community as a whole could benefit from quarterly staged mock crashes.

Best of the best at Harrison

I simply have to add our names to those letting our community know about the wonderful care we can get now at Harrison Medical Center in the heart unit. Doctors Caine and King and their entire staff, including Joann, Michael and Shelly, are the best of the best. My dear husband recently had open heart surgery and he could not have received any more caring, professional medical attention anywhere. I am convinced of that. We also have to mention all of the ICU nurses who were ALWAYS so encouraging and positive. We think they must be angels straight from heaven and we cannot thank them enough. There are not enough words to do so.

Self-imposed energy crisis

It seems obvious the United States has a self-imposed energy crisis.


FeedbackDisparaging language not usedI was pleased with the lengthy coverage of the mock crash recently published in the CK Reporter (“Making it stick,” April 26).… Continue reading

Kitsap newspapers have published many letters opposing

Kitsap newspapers have published many letters opposing Kitsap’s involvement in the Puget Sound Regional Council, and few supporting it. As a result, a lot of misinformation is going unanswered. Unfortunately, the role of PSRC is poorly understood.

How can Bush oppose it?

First we had Cheney and his hand-puppet Bush, now we have Bush and his hand-puppet McCain.

High standards should be preserved

Knowing that the Central Kitsap High School yearbook staff finds itself in the position of having to accept a lower bid from a publisher that may not be able to meet its high standards, I offer this letter of support to advisor Sue Wachtman and co-editors Cody Brown and Tye Ford.

The help was appreciated

We just wanted to say thank you to the passing motorists who stopped and helped my son after a deer hit his car on Bond Road Sunday evening, before and after we arrived on the scene.


Regarding Val Torrens’ latest biased diatribe titled, “Jimmy Carter’s discussions with Hamas are questionable,” (CK Reporter, May 14). It is high time to speak the truth about Israel’s motives and actions in the Middle East.


In memory