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Unsequenced SR 305 lights show lack of planning | N. Kitsap Letters to the Editor

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Pool donations tax deductible | North Kitsap Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers of the North Kitsap Herald.

Silverdale man sad to see Goodwill go

I’m not sure what motivated some to say to Goodwill you have to leave and find a new place. I find it very sad that Goodwill had to leave Silverdale so the mall could get more parking for customers.

Liberal judges take too many liberties with Constitution

Judicial actions by democratically appointed liberal judges are slowly tearing apart the Constitution and this great nation. Democrats and liberals for decades have constantly assaulted the first amendment, second amendment and marriage. Their judges convolute and haze every word of the constitution to fit their political agenda.

Loss of pee wee godfather big for Silverdale

Last week, Silverdale lost an important and integral member of the community. Cornelius “Pete” Ross Jr. died June 10 at the age of 75, but his memory will live on through Ross Field and the hundreds of kids who play on the field each year. Mr. Ross and his wife of 55 years, Dona, were steadfast in the creation of the ballfields.

Fireworks freedom gained in Revolutionary War | N. Kitsap Letters to the Editor

What a sad commentary your anti-fireworks for personal use was. It’s just another symptom of how out of touch your editorial writer was about the reality of why we celebrate the Fourth of July.

Hansville sign saga continues | North Kitsap Letters to the Editor

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Vote for Dino Rossi

I would like to ask this of all citizens of Washington state, “Do you feel safe in your community?” “Do you feel safe walking in the evening in our parks and downtown areas?” I’m not a supporter of Barack Obama, but he may have it right when he says, “We need change we can believe in.”

Kids’ Day a success

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue thanks the community for supporting and participating in the 23rd Annual Kids’ Day, June 7. This year’s tremendously successful event was a result of collaborative efforts by sponsors, local businesses, community organizations, volunteers and the many kids and families who participated in the interactive day.

Weather didn’t dampen spirits

The Clear Creek Task Force celebrated National Trails Day in a big way. We hosted lots of great activities for kids and joined with other groups to improve our community. It was that special combination of rewarding hard work and fun that made this Trails Day one to remember.

‘Foul play’ at state Republican convention? | N. Kitsap Letters to the Editor

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Simple fix for U.S. energy crisis | N. Kitsap Letters to the Editor

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