Letters to the Editor

Letters from Dec. 15, 2007

PSRC meetingA micro-manage planI’d like to invite everyone to a very important meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, at the Kitsap County Commissioners Chambers,… Continue reading

Letters from Dec. 19, 2007

FeedbackKAPO spreading the fearAfter reading the recent letters to the editor (CK Reporter, Dec. 15) from our county commissioners and the Kitsap Alliance of Property… Continue reading

Letters from Dec. 22, 2007

Thank youTree lighting a successOn behalf of the Silverdale community, I would like to once again thank our Albertsons grocery store for its generous large-size… Continue reading

Letters from Dec. 29, 2007

FeedbackPoor JackPoor Jack spent an incredible amount of money trying to get elected to the “junior” (Jack’s reference!) county commissioner position, and lost by an… Continue reading

Letters from Jan. 5, 2008

FeedbackDon’t attack the messengerObviously Joyce Merkel (CK Reporter letters, Dec. 29) had no idea of the context of Jack Hamilton’s articles. They surely were not… Continue reading

Letters from Jan. 9, 2008

Presidential debatesBiased news sourcesBy now it should be common knowledge that ABC News and Fox News will be limiting the number of candidates it hosts… Continue reading

Letters from Jan. 12, 2008

FeedbackFlawed interchangeVal Torrens (CK Reporter, Jan. 9) is right on in her assessment of the SR 3/303 interchange. The only thing she missed is that… Continue reading

Letters from Jan. 16, 2008

FeedbackDUI laws need real changeWhen are we Washingtonians going to get serious about existing DUI violators? The two legislative bills mentioned (CK Reporter, “Two DUI… Continue reading

Letters from Jan. 19, 2008

SR 3/303 interchangeWho designed the flaws?The public must unite to change the new SR 3/303 interchange before someone dies. Our local families, friends and those… Continue reading

Letters from Jan. 23, 2008

Thank youSupport appreciatedOn behalf of the Central Kitsap High School wrestling team and the many schools that participated in the 31st Annual Matman Wrestling Tournament,… Continue reading

Letter from Jan. 30, 2008

Economic stimulusIt’s never worked beforeThis so-called economic stimulus package of tax rebates is stupid.First of all, it’s already our money so you can’t take money… Continue reading

Letters from Feb. 2, 2008

Letters on lettersKitsap Golf & Country Club is world classThis letter is in response to Erick J. Goins’ comments about his “shameful” treatment at Kitsap… Continue reading

Letters from Feb. 6, 2008

Narrows bridgeBob Oke namesake? No thanksBob Oke’s widow wants to rename the Tacoma Narrows Bridge “The Bob Oke Bridge of Faith.” Sen. Derek Kilmer agrees.… Continue reading

Letter from Feb. 9, 2008

Port districtsWhere’s the fairness?Recent articles in the CK Reporter have noted the wide differences in taxes levied by the various port districts in Kitsap County.… Continue reading

Letters from Feb. 13, 2008

Boy Scout breakfastLocke’s distortions an insultEx-governor Locke’s address to the Boy Scouts of America fund-raising breakfast (“Kitsap Scouts get an earful from Locke,” Feb. 9)… Continue reading

Letters from Feb. 16, 2008

PoliticsWho won the WA Republican Caucus?That fact is, that nobody really knows who won the Washington State Republican Caucus. Indeed McCain and the media have… Continue reading

Letters from Feb. 23, 2008

CKSD budgetHow is auto maintenance not worthy?I, too, am appalled and embarrassed that Ms. Cathcart would even suggest that auto maintenance is not worthy district… Continue reading

Letter from March 1, 2008

FeedbackAdele, AdeleCertainly you can understand the difference between “preventing conception” and killing an embryo after it has been conceived (“Recent news that truly deserves a… Continue reading

Letter from March 5, 2008

FeedbackThere is a differenceI’d bet Adele Ferguson would go to the mat defending the rights of conscientious objectors who were being forced to bear arms… Continue reading

Letters from March 8

Kimberly Forder is a monsterI recently read your front page story about the sentencing of Kimberly Ann Forder for the death of her 8-year-old adopted… Continue reading