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Man who threatened student, prompted NKSD lockdown identified

[Add quotes from Scott Wilson] The 19-year-old who deputies say sent four North Kitsap schools into a modified lockdown on Tuesday has been identified as… Continue reading


Map courtesy of Kitsap Public Health

No-contact advisory issued for Appletree Cove due to sewage spill

On Wednesday the Kitsap Public Health District issued a 21-day no-contact order for Appletree Cove in Kingston due to a sewage spill. The affected areas… Continue reading


Where, oh, where are the buyers coming from?| Just Ask Jan

Dear Jan: We’ve been watching the local market for quite some time. As you have said, the inventory is historically low. We are curious: Where… Continue reading

STEM opportunities at your local library | Check it out

Youth Services Librarian Whitney has hosted Teen STEM programs every month this year. Some of the activities included building roving robots and snap circuits, designing… Continue reading

It’s time to let America be America again | As it Turns Out

Don’t you wonder what changed our government from the democracy intended by our Founding Fathers, to the anti-government it has become today? The majority of… Continue reading

Not so much | Choices for the Future

I used to think I knew the answers to a lot of environmental questions. You know, the “paper or plastic” shopping bag type-questions. Only in… Continue reading

A little something for everyone | Check It Out

Classes and events at your library provide education and entertainment for all ages. Here’s what’s happening in July. Kingston branch nUkulele Lessons: 10:30-11:30 a.m. July… Continue reading

Cry, our beloved representative government | As It Turns Out

An e-mail this morning brought updated news of dozens of factions, all crying out for their embattled causes. These champions are now witnessing their causes… Continue reading

PGST is the place for summer meal programs | ShareNet & You

The summer learning “slide,” and the nutritional gap that occurs when food programs that operate during the school year cease, can hit children from lower-income… Continue reading

Suquamish Elementary students learn about F2GO | ShareNet & You

Editor’s Note: the following is a clarification, not a correction, made by North Kitsap Fishline. North Kitsap Fishline is the food bank which serves Suquamish… Continue reading

Fare policy changes | FerryFare

The proposed fare increases for this October are 2.9 percent for vehicles and 2.5 percent for passengers. Next year, they will be 2.5 percent for… Continue reading

One person’s contribution is vital | ShareNet & You

Because we depend on volunteers for our operation, even the absence of one person in a key position can make a big difference. In April… Continue reading

Looking for an excuse to get involved and learn about safety in North Kitsap? | NKF&R News

Looking for an excuse to get involved and learn about safety in North Kitsap? Here are a few options to increase your awareness and become… Continue reading

Remembering Mike Wallace | Kingston Strand

The “Kingston Strand” is a new column brought to you by the Kingston Historical Society. Twisted together from the past to the present, it forms… Continue reading

Does Kitsap County have slide areas? | Just Ask Jan

Dear Jan: We are looking at waterfront homes, many of which are high bank. With Whidbey Island having had slides, how do we know if… Continue reading

A busy June for Kingston Kiwanis | Kingston Kiwanis

There’s a lot going on in June and some great things that we have accomplished in May. Bike Rodeo: One of our members, Helen Hoover,… Continue reading

Breakfast marks first year of operation at Village Green Community Center | Village Green Update

They started arriving at 7 a.m. April 26 to attend the first annual breakfast at the Village Green, the now-beloved center that houses a Boys… Continue reading

Our troubled waters, wetter winters | Hansville Happenings

Months of rain, a spate of little quakes in May, what’s next? A plague of murderous crows? Unless Mother Nature has any more surprises for… Continue reading