Man who threatened student, prompted NKSD lockdown identified

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The 19-year-old who deputies say sent four North Kitsap schools into a modified lockdown on Tuesday has been identified as Logan Evans, (also known as Logan Hale).

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Scott Wilson said the prompt response by a school resource officer during the incident spoke volumes to the necessity of the school resource officer program within the district.

“This is just one small grain of sand of the importance of having a school resource officer assigned to a school or school district that can assist and devote all of their time and effort into trying to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible without harm to anybody,” Wilson said “We’re just ecstatic that was what happened in this particular case.”

A school resource 0fficer was dispatched to Choice Academy in Kingston following reports of a student fearing for his life due to threats allegedly made by Evans via text shortly before 8 a.m.

According to a statement of probable cause from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, Evans and a student at the school reportedly had a dispute related to the student’s sister, before Evans allegedly claimed that he was on his way to the school, with the intent of shooting the student.

The student advised the school resource officer that he knew Evans was armed because his sister was a runaway and the last time he went to retrieve her, he saw that Evans and his friends had guns tucked into their waistbands.

In the text messages, Evans made threats not only against the student but the student’s family, friends and the school itself.

The school resource officer eventually contacted Evans himself stating they needed to talk. Evans refused to meet but did state the threats he had made were indeed empty threats and that he wasn’t heading to Kingston.

Prior to contact with Evans, the school resource officer alerted the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office to the situation and then headed to Port Gamble to alert the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribal Police. The threatened student’s sister reportedly attends school on the reservation and the student believed that Evans would show up there later that afternoon.

Between traveling to Port Gamble and back to Kingston, the school resource officer learned that the district had put the schools in the area on a modified lockdown. Evans also reportedly continued to communicate with the student making further threats not only to the student’s life but his own life via Snapchat, making the student more fearful and causing him to leave the school temporarily.

Evans was eventually located at his home in Pierce County and was transported to Kitsap County for questioning. Evans reportedly admitted to texting the student and made clarifications about the statements he made stating he was mad at how the student’s sister was being treated by her family.

Evans gave KSCO permission to search his text conversations where more threats were found, according to court documents.

Evans was booked on charges of Felony Harassment with bail set at $50,000.