Beth Berglund

Reflecting on 50 years

On April 22, 1970, millions of people gathered throughout the United States for the first Earth Day, organized by Gaylord Nelson, a former Senator from… Continue reading


Choices for the presidency

In keeping with my article series on climate change, I wanted to provide a glimpse of how to align your views on climate change with… Continue reading


Greta Thunberg, outside the Swedish parliament. Wikimedia Commons.

Walk in the shoes of tomorrow’s leaders

Last year I participated in a community stakeholder group to provide input to the school district’s new strategic plan. During one of the early meetings,… Continue reading


What’s the deal with carbon?

Sometimes we hear people say things like “carbon is a big problem” or “we need to regulate and reduce carbon.” We might be asked to… Continue reading

Seeing systems around us

During October I participated with a few others in a four-week discussion course on climate change, hosted by Stillwaters. The course, titled “Change Is Our… Continue reading

Stillwaters founders, Naomi Maasberg and Joleen Palmer, in the estuary on the day the first bridge opened in 2012. Photo courtesy Beth Berglund.

Stillwaters’ 20th anniversary of education, book sales, frog suits

If you’ve been around this area for a few decades you may have attended Stillwaters’ very first EcoFest in 2000. You or your adult children… Continue reading

Stillwaters founders, Naomi Maasberg and Joleen Palmer, in the estuary on the day the first bridge opened in 2012. Photo courtesy Beth Berglund.

What gets measured gets managed

Choices for the Future

Depending on your perspective

I had just reached the stretch of Hwy 101 coming into Port Angeles that offers an expansive view of the forest framing the Olympics. It… Continue reading

The problem with short-term thinking

During the short and rainy days of February, it’s noticeably more difficult to keep our energy up. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll trim that tree, rake those… Continue reading

December: A season of meaning | Choices for the Future

Our family tradition in Wisconsin was to be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sometimes, our grandparents from South Dakota would stay for a… Continue reading

Stillwaters’ annual Fundraising Dinner & Auction Nov. 5 | Choices for the Future

In the fall, the natural world starts to slow down and begin storing resources for the winter. Animals are either creating food stores, transitioning toward… Continue reading

Break the cycle for a simpler life | Choices for the Future

Summers in the Pacific Northwest are truly glorious. Are you getting as much time to enjoy the summer as you’d like? Many of us who… Continue reading

Not so much | Choices for the Future

I used to think I knew the answers to a lot of environmental questions. You know, the “paper or plastic” shopping bag type-questions. Only in… Continue reading

Shaken awake, moving toward self-sufficiency | Choices for the Future

Some people bristle a bit at “lemonade folks” like me, but I’m the type of person who sees a silver lining. I’m excited by the… Continue reading

Still Waters run deep | Choices for the Future

“still waters run deep” — proverb: a quiet or placid manner may conceal a more passionate nature. Very soon, the second phase of the Carpenter… Continue reading

A connection to place | Choices for the Future

When asked where we live, we may offer our street address or city, depending on the need — driving directions, delivery of mail or a… Continue reading

On civility and our future | Choices for the Future

If you spend time on social media sites, you know that a number of local Facebook pages are available for things like helping find lost… Continue reading