Walt Elliott

The pressure is mounting for Washington State Ferries

When we finally leap into our summer ferry schedule we’ll be landing in a fleet that’s two boats short. When breakdowns occur there won’t be… Continue reading


Navigating beside giants

To kick off our northwest boating season, a local ship captain recommends reading “How to Avoid Huge Ships” by John Trimmer. Here’s a no-frills distillation… Continue reading


COVID-19 stalls ferry meetings, service to Canada

Between the car deck and the passenger cabin there’s the warning that’s in the cartoon. I muse on what the “full extent of the law”… Continue reading


Hard decisions ahead for the ferries after passage of I-976

Washington passes a new budget every other year. During even numbered years, that budget is revised to reflect changes in costs, revenue and priorities. While… Continue reading

Washington State long range planning process and more

Ferries kicked off their long range planning process here with about dozen posters on challenges and considerations facing the system through 2040. A half dozen… Continue reading

In the future, ferries could be powered by LNG or electricity

Last month, we went over WSF’s plan to replace our aging boats with a standard-design boat that can work anywhere in the system. These are… Continue reading

Introducing MV Suquamish, the state’s newest ferry

Suquamish, our newest ferry, was christened last month at the Vigor Shipyard in Seattle. Members of the Suquamish Tribe sang songs, shared cool gifts and… Continue reading

<em>Hood Canal Bridge. 					 				 </em>Don Clotfelter/WSDOT

Effects from Hood Canal Bridge disaster felt today | FerryFare

Brrrr … The spaces between the glass panes that allow the wind to blow through Kingston’s passenger ramp are there to allow the panes to… Continue reading

<em>Hood Canal Bridge. 					 				 </em>Don Clotfelter/WSDOT

State ferry Spokane: More than good looks |FerryFare

The most obvious result of Spokane’s fall overhaul is the gleaming new job and signage. Less noticeable but perhaps more important are the eight life… Continue reading

A look at the possible future of various ferry classes | FerryFare

From now and through 2018, Washington State Ferries will be conjuring its Long-Range Plan for our boats, service, fares and terminals. This month, we’ll look… Continue reading

Fare policy changes | FerryFare

The proposed fare increases for this October are 2.9 percent for vehicles and 2.5 percent for passengers. Next year, they will be 2.5 percent for… Continue reading

‘Nap Tyme,’ the driverless boat | FerryFare

“Nap Tyme” was aptly named as she cruised through Dalco Passage (Tacoma Narrows) on auto pilot with her skipper down below. Like the “Little Engine… Continue reading

So long old timer | FerryFare

So long, old timer | FerryFare

Lighting up smiles | FerryFare

Do the Port of Kingston’s Christmas lights have you thinking, “That must have been a really big trip to Costco”? It’s actually volunteers who turn… Continue reading

Why a foot ferry? Pros and Cons | FerryFare

Let’s go over the pros and cons. Pros: cost and convenience, downtown vitality, and bringing new families to Kingston. Cons: downtown will change, reliability is… Continue reading

Possible changes: Reasons to attend ferry meeting | FerryFare

Kick off your holiday season with cookies and enlightening conversation at Kingston’s public ferry meeting Dec. 4 at 6 p.m. in the Kingston Community Center.

A look at the issues regarding newest ferries | Ferry Fare

Kingston’s public ferry meeting has been pushed back to June 10, 6:30 p.m. in the Kingston Community Center; same great cookies and conversation.

Confessions of a ferry-o-phile | FerryFare

For me, a Kingston foot ferry would be like winning the lottery after buying tickets for a decade and half.

Working to reduce congestion at Edmonds | FerryFare

Last month, Edmonds updated the progress of its Waterfront Access Study. This is about finding a solution to the five-way cluster of cars, trains and pedestrians at the ferry landing.