Why would we spoil the place to which we’re connected?

Do you ever Google yourself? Check to see if you’ve done anything new that you should be aware of, a la Tyler Durham? OK, sorry. I won’t give you anymore “Fight Club” references, but seriously, have you done that, Googled yourself and your family and friends?

Taking the leap into higher education

Kingston High School student ponders making the choice of going to college.

How’s that NASCAR outcome looking now?

In November I was visiting family in New Hampshire and had a chance to catch up on some local news there. A bit of news I ran across while also sampling doughnuts was relevant to Kitsap County and actually all of Washington state. In looking back through the year of local reporting and what I had read, there seems to be some closure or updating required regarding one particular local news tidbit here at home.

PSRC’s influence should concern all Kitsap voters

We share the concerns of Kitsap residents who showed up Tuesday night for a public meeting in Port Orchard between county officials and leaders of the Puget Sound Regional Council. And while we’re not generally given to conspiracy theories, we can’t help be a little uneasy about the deference shown by both the city and the county to what seems like, in essence, an unelected government.

County’s fiscal discipline a good first step

The job our county officials have done on the proposed general fund budget for 2008 seems too good to be true. For the first time in years, the commissioners do not plan to use reserve funds to balance the budget. Instead, their stated policy is to keep the amount of expenditures equal to or less than annual revenues.

We are what we read — or at least I am

I was watching Andy Rooney recently on “60 Minutes,” something I never do. Have you noticed that he is missing one eyebrow and the other sticks out for about four inches to the side? It makes him look a bit like a unicorn. I am not sure if that is the look he is going for, but it was interesting.

Court’s actions call for a special session

I’ll believe the Legislature and Gov. Gregoire will restore Initiative 747’s 1 percent cap on property tax collections when they actually do it, I told Tim Eyman.

Legal Ease

When selling your property: lawyer or real estate agent?

Foghorn A place to sound off

In loving memory of Tyler Tasakos

Getting to know all about Steve

The North Kitsap Herald Editorial Advisory Board finally caught up with our new commissioner last week. And even battling a full blown cold, he shone. To say Steve Bauer came off polished during our hour and half sit down is an understatement. It was difficult to believe that he’s only served in the capacity for a few months.

Big boxes, but a small impact?

With the proposed creation of a new Petco store at Poulsbo’s College Marketplace, Little Norway’s big box boom circle is nearly complete. Since the much protested addition of Wal-Mart, everything from The Home Depot and GameStop to Starbucks and Taco del Mar have been added without much ballyhoo.

Another fine mess in North Kitsap

While North Kitsap is arguably one of the most scenic areas in the state of Washington, not everyone is doing his or her part to keep it that way. These folks are definitely and fortunately in the minority here, but the impact of what they do and — more importantly — don’t do directly impacts the majority of people who call this corner of the world home.

Marking the real Patriot Day

Memories seem to be extremely short or deluded when in comes to Sept. 11, 2001. But those who haven’t forgotten its jaw-dropping, mind numbing terror, can certainly agree that if any day should be remembered as Patriot Day, it should be Sept. 12 — not the 11th.

Be kind to the school buses

In light of two accidents — count ‘em, two — on the first day of school involving school buses, we felt it would be good timing to remind motorists to be kind and drive even more carefully, if possible, when those big yellow buses are around. For they hold the most precious cargo of all — our children. Think of those buses as moving investments of our future, carrying students to and from the institutions that will prepare and educate them for the coming years. . .

Back to school for North End students

Is it really that time of year again? After nearly 80 days of summer vacation, North Kitsap School District students return to the friendly confines of classrooms for the first day of school today. It’s time to put away the swimming attire, water skis, wakeboards and sandals in exchange for three ring binders, pencils, protractors, school clothes and perhaps a new backpack.

The Poulsbo City Hall shell game

Apparently Poulsbo will never tire of the continuing shell game of choosing a viable city hall location. Where’s the pea? Briefly at the aptly named Centennial Park (it could be another century before the direly-needed building finds a home after all), then — swish...

For whom the school bell tolls

Well kids, you’re almost students again. And while it might seem like the beginning of the end of all things good, we assure you that this actually occurs later in life, somewhere between a divorce, filing Chapter 11 and/or figuring out when and whether you’ll retire.