Robert Meadows

Don’t follow Bainbridge Island’s example | Bob Meadows

The troubles in the government of the City of Bainbridge Island should be looked upon by the City of Port Orchard as a cautionary tale.


Vet support cost, revenue don’t jibe | Bob Meadows

Kitsap County’s Veterans Assistance Program is in need of additional funding, if the spending level of the past few years is to be maintained.


SKFR to decide ballot measure’s terms for levy

Anyone wanting to tell our South Kitsap Fire and Rescue commissioners their opinion about the upcoming property tax ballot measure should speak up by next week’s meeting.


Seeking a principled basis for school funding

Since several years of fundamental reforms lie ahead for public schools, the South Kitsap School District administration and residents living within the district should prepare by considering what principles they hold dear.

Silverdale incorporation could impact South Kitsap

Perhaps this is the year Silverdale incorporates as a new city and reshuffles the deck for the rest of us.

Predicting what won’t happen in 2012

Having had little success in predicting what will happen in a new year, let’s try forecasting what will not occur.

Some New Year’s resolutions are serious

With the new year approaching, it’s time to start considering what resolutions we each will make. In addition to this introspective approach of picking personal improvement goals, the times call for the more serious task of picking goals that involve an impact on society.

Annexations cause difficult transition

Annexations by Port Orchard will begin to have a noticeable impact on the county’s budget in the coming year, but there seems to be no way to avoid it.

‘Buy Local’ needs fresh recruits

If we are to help our economy by following the urging of those who say “buy local,” how much help can result when so much that we need and want is produced elsewhere?

Valid points lacking in ‘occupations’

The left end of the political spectrum is sparsely populated, if the “occupy” efforts provide a reliable indication of public support for whatever the “occupiers” advocate.

Allow for common sense in local government’s budgeting

If ordinary folks are going to make decisions affecting the budgets of local and state government, shouldn’t there be what could be called common sense budgeting that almost anyone can understand?

Foot ferries face high costs and few riders

The effort to provide passenger-only ferry (POF) service from Kingston to Seattle doesn’t seem to be going well despite the encouraging words from boosters who got the project going.

Voting on tax increases in the worst economic times

The latest state revenue forecast adds more to worry about for the coming year’s government budgets, as if we didn’t already have enough to consider in South Kitsap.

Being ‘green’ may be worth the expense

Until electric vehicles are numerous, infrequent use of charging stations is an unavoidable part of making the transition.

Growth along Bethel can benefit all of SK

Annexing the Bethel Avenue commercial area into the city of Port Orchard may benefit all South Kitsap residents, if the eventual result is greater business development.

Muddled levy leaves unanswered questions

Getting voter approval of a property tax increase to pay for health and human services programs in Kitsap County might be easier if there were specific programs or projects that could be funded with the increased revenue.

Issues change, but personal styles persist

Maybe the property tax system isn’t a high priority issue for the Port Orchard mayoral candidates to be debating during the campaign, but it does give observers a chance to see whether there is a meaningful difference in personal styles.

Local government budget squeeze continues

If local government revenues increase roughly the same as the statewide forecast, there will probably still be some difficulty in balancing budgets for next year.

Property values deserve two-sided debate

Some South Kitsap property owners are still stewing over the revaluation notices received last June from the Kitsap County Assessor, and it’s time for this year’s notices to arrive.