Mary Colborn

West Sound Quilters stitch together a community | Column

“To Kill a Mockingbird” ranks as one of my son and daughter’s favorite books. Right up there with “Les Miserables” for depictions of kind-hearted, benevolent souls making socially just choices in an unjust world. At least that’s what my kids told me, as they recited their favorite lines from ““To Kill a Mockingbird.”


Summertime, when the living is ugly

I have poison ivy across my arms and legs and even on my feet. Now, I’m old enough to say, “That reminds me of a… Continue reading


There are many unconventional paths to wellness

As the warmth spreads around my knee caps, I giggle and then laugh out loud.“That’s amazing,” I asked. “What are you doing to make my… Continue reading

Washek carries on SK tradition of mural artistry

He walked the streets of town, paint brush in hand.Times were tough. Men everywhere were out of work. It wasn’t uncommon for people to hop… Continue reading

Local dynamo giving seniors a passionate voice

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If they were hurting or hungry, Lynne nourished them

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Special Athletes cap their special season

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Helpline wants to operate its own nursery? Why not?

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Her music has a way of transcending my pain

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When we ignore the victims, we encourage more attacks

It started as a prick of conscience. Not like the prick of conscience that suggested I should stop stealing my neighbors’ newspaper — a practice that started innocently enough when I found scores of papers left abandoned to lie on the edge of slush puddles and/or half-buried in snow drifts.

Snow doing its best to put a damper on my holiday plans

It started off a joyful day as I awakened to an all white world.

SK’s George Bailey learns what we think of him

Everyone knows and loves the story, a perennial Christmas favorite.

Washington company a ‘green-building’ model

On the middle shelf at eye level, it posed, alluring and tantalizing.