Red light runners on your marks

Poulsbo’s affliction with motorists who are in such a hurry they view red lights as an annoyance rather than a safety measure to prevent a daily demolition derby might be getting a quick remedy.

Is Kitsap outpricing its residents?

It’s a buyer’s market. It’s a seller’s market. Can both statements be true? Can both be false? As home prices stagnate a tad here in North Kitsap while assessed valuations continue an ever present upswing, both claims are no doubt being made by real estate agents, prospective homebuyers and those hoping to sell as the peak season winds down.

Bargain hunters: Beware!

Wherever you are this weekend, take stock of your surroundings. If you’re a deal seeker and you’re not at the Greater Hansville Community Center Saturday and Sunday, you might just be missing out on some of the best buys North Kitsap has to offer.

North Kitsap bridges not falling down

After watching the tragedies in Minneapolis unfold since Wednesday, it has prompted questions about bridge safety all over the nation — including our own spans over Agate Pass and Hood Canal.

County, KRL cuts won’t be pretty

Kitsap County residents will be getting a crash course in a lower quality of living next year, no doubt bringing about grousing the likes of which few other things can. Among these “things,” of course, are taxes.

Too many cooks won’t spoil the soup in Hansville

It seems like the community of Hansville, as well as other North End areas, is doing what many neighborhoods across the country are slowly losing sight of — keeping an eye on each other and providing help whenever the need arises.

Preserving the past in Poulsbo

It’s an idea that has been years in the making, and with development pressing in on all sides, Poulsbo’s need to delve into ways to… Continue reading

Bobby Fischer would be proud

The “Game of Kings” in Kingston just seems to be too good an opportunity to pass up.If Bob Smiley’s vision is realized — and why… Continue reading

Dredging up ill feelings

The Driftwood Key Club’s $800,000 proposal to remove sediment from Coon Bay has been in the works for years. As it apparently nears its start… Continue reading

City hall options cut down further

After nailing down a viable site on 10th Avenue, what seems eons ago, the pursuit to land Poulsbo’s new city hall downtown has proceeded so… Continue reading

Taking a walk among warriors

Cancer. In one way or another, at one time or another, we can, have, are or will be touched by its gruesome hand. It’s an indiscriminate killer. Slaying the good, the bad, the young and old alike — with brutal coldness.

How slow can you go?

North Kitsap drivers aren’t getting much love of late as it seems the general attitude here is to create an unnavigable obstacle course of orange cones, dug up streets and construction workers who seem to take pleasure in flipping those hand held signs from “slow” to “stop” just before your car can pass.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

As a kid, the Fourth of July was pretty much all about one thing: fireworks. Oh, there were parades down the main drag on Vashon Island, musical performances in Ober Park and the requisite barbecues on Dilworth Point, but weeks before the big day, my eyes would glaze over as I envisioned just what the rockets’ red glare would look like that year.

Third, Fourth all about legacies left behind

The Web site, Dictionary.com defines legacy as “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” Each one of us, young or old, leaves some type of legacy behind wherever we go.

Farewell to Little Norway

Saturday will quite possibly be the last time the words Charles Melton, Staff Writer, will appear on the pages of the North Kitsap Herald as on July 2 I will officially become the new editor of the Bremerton Patriot, the Kitsap News Group’s weekly presence in the big city.

Summer is major horse time

As the bright sun beats down on the back of my neck, I carefully open the gate and approach the large horse eyeing me across the pasture. After a moment, he turns away with a bored expression, and I know I have the all-clear to approach and put his halter on. So begins one of my favorite summer activities. Horses are fun all year round, but summer is when they really shine — literally and figuratively. Trails, riding outdoors, even just standing in the sun leaning up against a quiet friend is enjoyable.

Will graffiti wall be vandal candy?

The Kingston Skate Park has a dismal history of vandalism, but whether history will repeat itself once a new, wooden graffiti wall is erected at… Continue reading

High event fees will deter public

We’re not certain whose bright idea it has been to start charging an arm and a leg for family fun events in North Kitsap but the decline in crowds will eventually do the talking. Port Gamble seems to be the big infractor right now, what with skyrocketing costs at Medieval Faire three weeks ago (up from $3 per carload in 2006 to $5 per person this year) and now the Civil War Reenactment following suit by charging a whopping $7 a head.

OK graduates, so now what?

We figure everyone else is asking the question, so why not your local newspaper? After all, we’ve watched you grow up, too. We’ve been there as you’ve completed unique class projects, acted in plays, took field trips, taken the WASL, taken to the streets with your school bands, scored the winning touchdown or goal, broke school records in track ... and basically given you as much deserving ink as we were able to.

Underaged drinking not a mistake to make

We all make mistakes, it’s human nature to sometimes pick the worst decision available to us. That haircut in seventh grade? Best burn the pictures still hanging around in Mom’s and Dad’s basement. The blind date set up for Friday night? It might be better to take a raincheck and spend the evening with Ben and Jerry.