Woman arrested near Poulsbo with drugs, cash, firearms

A 27-year-old woman was arrested Aug. 29 near Poulsbo after Kitsap County sheriff’s officers conducted a traffic stop and found large amounts of drugs, cash and several firearms.

According to KCSO documents, officers stopped a Mazda CX-7 around 1 a.m. in the area of Highway 3 near Denton Road driven by Maizey Starks. A deputy located a “loaded pistol in open view” sitting next to her. Starks did not have a concealed pistol license and therefore was committing a misdemeanor, per documents.

After she was detained, officers obtained consent to search the vehicle and found several firearms, including a Desert Tech rifle that was stolen out of Pierce County last year. In that case, the victim said about $50,000-$60,000 worth of property, including multiple firearms, were taken during a burglary of his storage unit.

After a search warrant was obtained to search the vehicle, found were: 9,850 blue fentanyl pills, 2 ½ pounds of methamphetamines, ¾ pound of black tar heroin, 2 ounces of cocaine and $21,000 in cash.

Starks was arrested and booked into the Kitsap County jail for possession of a stolen firearm and possession of narcotics with the intent to deliver.

“The amount of pills far exceeds what is commonly accepted as personal use, which based on my training and experience lead me to believe the drugs are intended for distribution,” a KCSO news release states.

Another KCSO news release says they deal with fentanyl, heroin and other addictive and dangerous drugs daily. Deputies are equipped with Naloxone, commonly referred to as “Narcan,” that when applied in time can reverse the effects of the narcotics and save someone’s life.

Recently, deputy Ariana Petritz and cadet Capt. Alaya Browne determined that an unresponsive man in Brownsville had been smoking fentanyl before collapsing. Petritz administered Narcan, which had little effect, so she and Browne began CPR. They stabilized him for transport to the hospital and likely saved the man’s life, according to KCSO.

“The recent ‘Blake’ decision by the state Supreme Court has essentially decriminalized simple possession of these dangerous substances. The ruling, however, still allows for prosecution for possession with intent to deliver. Our deputies continue to work within the boundaries of this new court ruling and Washington state laws to remove as much of these dangerous drugs as possible from the streets,” the release says.