Letters from Dec. 1

Parks levy

Why hasn’t the city found other funding means?

Sir: Neither did we vote for the installation of the parking-less park next to the ferry terminal. I can only assume that maintaining those copper covered fountains is the first priority of the parks department, and I can only conjecture that the maintenance cost for those fountains is the reason for the levy request.

Since Bremerton’s property tax values have been healthily increasing for the last three years, I wonder why that hasn’t already provided the growth needed to support the parks.

The value of my house increased by $100,000 for each of the last 2 years, so as I understand our tax structure, that will cause increases in revenue even if “limited” by a 1 percent cap.

Thus as I read the voter’s pamphlet, I was voting to increase the taxing rate against my increased property value.

Jim Hochstein


Parks levy

City, not voters should feel guilty

I could not help but notice the tone of your editorial in the Nov. 24 edition of the Patriot chastising the property owners for the lack of parks equipment for the children of Bremerton. I am certain that you were trying

to target all voters, however not all voters are property owners and therefore pay less taxes on what they approve. In light of your editorial and as a property owner, I personally do not feel guilty for the children.

In fact the city of Bremerton and all government entities should feel guilty for the children. Until all governments (including the Port of Bremerton) can figure out a way to finance public enhancement without punishing the property owner 100 percent of the time, I personally cannot agree with your assessment that the “finger should be turned the other way.”

Taxes are a necessity of life, but should not be made a sole burden of the

property owner for public enhancement (i.e. schools, parks, marinas, police, fire, roads, etc.) Until the governments that we elect can figure out a better way, this voter will almost surely vote a resounding “NO” to property tax increases.

Scott Wakefield