Letters from Dec. 15, 2007

Puget Sound

Help shape the region’s future

We encourage everyone to help shape the future of Kitsap County by attending a public hearing hosted by the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) this Tuesday, Dec. 18, 6 – 8 p.m. at the Kitsap County Administration Building, 619 Division Street, Port Orchard.

The PSRC will be taking public testimony on VISION 2040, an important strategy document that will have long-term implications for our citizens, the region and Kitsap County’s overall land use policies, transportation systems, economic development and environmental planning.

We requested a hearing in Kitsap County and we thank the PSRC for responding to our request. It is vital for our citizens to have an equal opportunity to have their voices heard in person. The VISION 2040 document could become policy by this spring in 2008.

We hope that you will attend the hearing and share your ideas, concerns and vision for the future of Kitsap County. Your input will ultimately help make VISION 2040 truly reflective of our entire region.

You can learn more about the VISION 2040 draft document by visiting their website at www.psrc.org or contacting the PSRC at (206) 464-5815.

Kitsap County Board of Commissioners

Josh Brown, chair, District #3

Jan Angel, District #2

Steve Bauer, District #1