Port of Poulsbo expansion failing; fast-ferries proposal leading

POULSBO — The proposal to enlarge the Poulsbo Port District’s boundaries to match those of the City of Poulsbo was losing by a vote of… Continue reading

Solution for loss of parking spaces

Parking. Inevitably, every growing city in America faces the same problem; but when a city is a popular tourist attraction, such as Poulsbo, the problem… Continue reading

Nothing new at candidates forum

I attended the candidate forum in Poulsbo put on by the League of Women Voters. By the end, it was pretty obvious that only questions… Continue reading

Concern about water pollution is overblown

With regard to the article on Standing Rock: I think that the concern about water pollution is overblown. There are thousands of miles of safe… Continue reading

A revolution fought with pens, email, and media

The North Kitsap Herald editor is exceptional in media today by allowing issue opinions from all sides. The United States is in a revolution, without… Continue reading

Which candidates will best represent these values?

So what do we want from this election? How about personal responsibility over victimization? Let’s stop the “they made me do it ” or ”… Continue reading

Poulsbo’s law banning ‘unauthorized camping’ may be unconstitutional

The City of Poulsbo recently banned unauthorized camping. The Department of Justice has deemed the enforcement of similar laws in cities throughout the U.S. as… Continue reading

Supports Appleton for re-election

I have known Sherry Appleton as a friend and as my state representative for many years. I have seen her interact with constituents both out… Continue reading

Reasons why he’s not supporting Hillary Clinton | Letter to the editor

Donald Trump may have offended many, but his actions as president would never include the criminal involvement and dishonesty Hillary Clinton has concealed over many years in government

Supports Appleton for reelection in 23rd Legislative District | Letter to the editor

As our representative for the 23rd Legislative District, Sherry Appleton has been a determined champion for families, education and the most vulnerable members of our community ever since she was elected to the Legislature.

Port of Poulsbo and city will repair, improve parking lot and seawall

The port will replace the seawall and repair its boat ramp, according to Port Manager Brad Miller. The city will install a bioswale and repave with pervious (in port’s area) and impervious materials (rest of lot up the hill), he said.

Court considers doctor’s lawsuit dismissal request on Nov. 4

The state Medical Quality Assurance Commission stripped Narinder M. Duggal of his license after investigating claims of malpractice at his now-closed Liberty Bay Internal Medicine in Poulsbo. The commission determined Duggal had been negligent in his care, overprescribed medication and made sexual advances toward a patient.