Pizza Factory eyeing expansion into Poulsbo

POULSBO — Pizza Factory, a pizza restaurant with 110 locations in six states, wants to open a franchise in Poulsbo.

In an announcement issued by the company, president and CEO Mary Jane Riva said the company is “growing our footprint into neighborhoods big and small” and is now accepting inquiries from potential franchisees.

Pizza Factory has 10 other locations in Washington, including Kingston and Port Townsend. All told, the company has 110 restaurants in six western states.

“We also have a strong commitment to helping our franchisees reach their performance and growth goals,” Riva said in the announcement. “The majority of our franchisees work in their restaurants and live in the communities they serve. They care deeply about their customers, their business and making a difference. We assist in every way possible …”

The brand’s slogan is “We Toss’ Em, They’re Awesome!” In addition to hand-tossed pizzas, the restaurant offers fresh, handmade pastas, sandwiches, and salads. Pizza Factory uses fresh, hand-grated 100 percent mozzarella cheese, slow-cooked meat sauce, and meatballs that are hand-rolled in-house. Guests order at the counter before their food is delivered tableside.

Pizza Factory launched the “No Bully Zone” program to raise awareness about bullying and to promote anti-bullying efforts. Pizza Factory also offers fundraising programs to support local schools, youth sports leagues, and community groups and organizations.