A few things we have to look forward to

Happy New Year? Time to look at just a few things we have to look forward to.

First: the passage of Initiative 1433 increases the minimum wage from $9.47 per hour to $11. A good thing, you say — well, not for those of us middle-income folks with children in childcare facilities who now face up to a 25 percent increase in fees (don’t forget that the increase in salary also increases the payroll taxes that an employer has to pay). In my case, this increase amounts to an average of $210 per month.

We’ll have to wait to observe the increase in grocery items, restaurant prices (yes, even at your favorite fast-food establishment), and basically all other goods and services.

Second: for those of us self-insured individuals, medical insurance premiums will increase — as they have ever since the passage of the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Third: increased property taxes (big surprise right?) — increased taxation for Kitsap County residents to help pay for those few individuals who desired a faster commute to their jobs in Seattle.

Fourth: let’s not forget that Jay Inslee (he’s “not my governor,” by the way) wants to place a tax on the mileage that people drive. It appears to make sense to him and his administration to tax a fuel-efficient small car (including hybrids and electrics) the same rate as a one-ton 4WD pickup truck. Forget about the fact that the more an individual drives and uses fuel, the more tax is paid accordingly.

Gov. Taxlee — oops, I mean Inslee — also wants to increase the sales tax.

Outgoing President Obama was recently quoted saying, “Democrats are characterized as coastal, liberal, latte-sipping, politically correct, out-of-touch folks.” Seems fitting for the Puget Sound region and our state and local administrations, doesn’t it?

Paul Tweiten