North Kitsap

North end gets 60 day water hookup freeze

KPUD suspends issuing new water connections until Nov. 14.

Districts get hitched

"Voters approve Fire District 14, NKF&R merger. "

NK grads return to teach

"POULSBO - Megan Watson just couldn't do it. Watson, in her first year as a teacher at Suquamish Elementary, found that one of her old teachers, Fran Shields, was now a colleague. Shields said, You can call me Fran. I was like, 'Uh ... no.' Watson said. Watson is just one of many North Kitsap-area graduates to find herself working alongside her childhood friends, neighbors, and teachers. Watson's tie to the North Kitsap School District is even stronger than most; her grandfather, Dick Endresen, is the school board president. "

“NK loses match to CK, 40-28”

Central's Roy gains 221 yards in win.

Commissioners purchase largest chunk of forest in county history

Officials to preserve Banner forest from development for at least three decades.

Kingston duo espresso-ing themselves

"KINGSTON - With nicknames like Smitters and Jitters, it was only natural that Kris Smith and Karen Felmly should find one another. Not surprisingly, the two exuberant women quickly became friends and, after mulling it over, decided that they had the makings for much more than a relationship - they had the makings of a business. Opening their first ever espresso stop in the Kountry Korners gas station at the intersection of Miller Bay Road and State Route 104, the dynamic duo quickly expanded into their own shop just down the sidewalk. Now, what to name this new enterprise? Hmmm. Smitters and Jitters Espresso was simply too good to resist. "

Time for board to agree on kids

"They're choosing up sides, deciding who will play offense and who will play defense while the parents try to understand what's happening on the field. That description could be about any good soccer game, but unfortunately it describes almost every recent North Kitsap Soccer Club board meeting. This outstanding local club has endured month after month of in-fighting, bickering and hurt feelings. People who care deeply about children and providing them with an opportunity to learn and enjoy playing soccer have become locked in bitter accusations and arguments. "

Hometown supports Shipley on eve of Olympics

"POULSBO - Scott Shipley may have called his parents, Dick and Sue Shipley, very early this morning after he competed in the Olympic kayaking finals in Sidney, Australia. Or, maybe he didn't. If he likes his result, he'll call, Sue said on Saturday. If he doesn't he won't, and we may have to look for the results online. Sometimes when Scott doesn't race so well, Sue Shipley explained, it takes him a while to call his folks. No matter how well Scott Shipley does this week, the eyes of Poulsbo will be on him. "

Getting in on the Race for the Cure

Kingston does its part in breast cancer fight.

Four-wheeled beauties gather in Hansville

"HANSVILLE - In the 21 years he has owned the Cadillac, Dennis Johnson of Poulsbo has put more than 20,000 miles on it. Not many miles for your average automobile, but quite a few for a 1913 Cadillac that predates Prohibition. Johnson's Cadillac was one of the more than 60 present at the Hansville Classic Car show, put on by the Hansville Fire Auxiliary. The classic Cadillac was Johnson's second. He owned a 1916 (A 16, he calls it) but wanted one with a four-cylinder engine. So he set out looking for a 1913 and found one in Seattle. "

Pee Wee football kicks off season

"POULSBO - The football players trotted off the field, hair darkened with sweat, faces red from labor. Then they all lined up for Capri Sun snack drinks. North Kitsap Pee Wee football started up this weekend, with the C team victorious over North Perry 44-0 and the B team falling 18-0. Those games were played at Hamilton Field, while the D and flag teams played away. Matt Tougas, wearing number 13, was one of the athletes on the C team. He plays tight end and linebacker. As he talked, he carried his snacks in his upside-down helmet. The part I really liked was when they put me in at punt return and I caught it and was ten yards away from a touchdown, Tougas said. "

Pool will remain open

Renovations needed to eliminate mold problem.

Poulsbo Place gets council agenda spot

"POULSBO - Whack. Just like that, the ball which could give Poulsbo Place its final plat approval is sitting squarely in the court of Security Properties, Inc. If the developers of the 164-house project on Jensen Way return the city's serve, eight years of what has been a back-and-forth contest could very well come to a much awaited conclusion. However, getting the ball over the net by next Wednesday won't be an easy strike for SPI. City council Wednesday night approved a motion to put the final plat on next week's agenda, giving the developers a scant seven days to address a laundry list of concerns raised by the engineering department. The unanimous decision was spawned from councilwoman Connie Lord's urging her fellow elected officials to move the project along. Oddly enough, the move came less than one week after councilman Mike Regis was chastised by Mayor Donna Jean Bruce and others after pledging similar city support to the plat. Regis' promises were made during a special session between SPI and city officials last Wednesday. The remarks upset the city structure because Regis apparently overstepped his powers by telling developers that the engineering department would do whatever necessary to work toward final plat approval. "

Labor pains resume at Martha and Mary

Charges filed with national relations board over alleged misconduct.

Their challenge – feeding kids good food they like

"POULSBO - A food-service worker in North Kitsap must also be a nutrition expert, a customer service expert, and a fortune teller. Chris Cofer, the head cook at North Kitsap High School, fills all these roles. Cofer comes to work at 6:30 a.m. every morning to keep the high school students fed a before-school breakfast, a snack at 9:05, and lunch. Cofer got involved in schools by volunteering when her daughter was in second grade. That was ten years ago. In the meantime, Cofer said, I just worked my way up. Cofer did indeed; next year she will be the president-elect of the Washington School Food Service Association, which has 2400 members across the state. "

Teachers ratify contract

Vote was unanimous-198-0.

Tribal Council to review gaming commissioners

They could face removal from office.

Vikings open football season with a win

"FEDERAL WAY - The North Kitsap Viking football team opened their season by beating Decatur Friday night, 36-17. The game saw the Vikings attack through the air and by land, with quarterback Ryan Buchanan throwing three touchdown passes, and running back Chris Allsop rushing for 210 yards on 36 carries. Coaches and players admit that the Vikings could have played better, but they'll take the win anyway. The offense did very good, the defense made some mistakes, head coach Jerry Parrish said after the game. There were a couple of coaching errors. It's the first game for the players and the coaches, I guess. "

Cooking up good things for hungry commuters

"POULSBO - Melissa Steele was getting tired of the commute from Edmonds to Bellevue, but when she relocated in Poulsbo about a year ago things went from bad to worse. On average, Steele was spending 20 hours a week traveling to and from her job. Sitting in traffic. Ferry lines. Bad drivers. The works. She'd had it. To make things more unbearable, typical commuter food, she found, leaves a lot to be desired. Living in the fast-paced world left Steele with very little time to cook and even less time to eat. Like the majority of those who spend their weekdays stopping and going on their way to work, her diet consisted of a wide array of grocery deli grub, fast food, pizza and (ugh) frozen dinners. "

Drawing the generation gap together

"POULSBO - Don't bother looking in the garden for these flowers. Orange, blue and brown roses? Lilies with pink and green petals? They only seem to grow when kids and seniors get creative each day at Martha and Mary Lutheran Services. With classical music playing in the background, four local youngsters and a group of ladies spent their Monday morning trading colored pens and taking turns smelling scented markers. "