Contract awarded to build fire stations

M J Shockley wins with bid of $3.8 million.

“HANSVILLE-The Fire District 14 and North Kitsap Fire & Rescue Board of Commissioners awarded a $3.8 million contract to MJ Shockley for the construction of three fire stations. M J Shockley’s bid came in about $170,000 under the estimated total cost for building the three stations. Other bids ranged from $4.1 million to $4.8 million. We’ve come a long way, said NKF&R Chief Paul Nichol during Tuesday’s meeting. Companies had the option of bidding on each station separately, but the boards decided to go with one builder for all three stations. Bids were opened Sept. 14 and awarded Tuesday. Written protest about the bidding process was presented during the meeting. The complaint concerned the bidding process, which had a separate deadline for the base bids and all other supporting documents. A representative from Tec Construction who attended the meeting also disagreed with the process saying that his company had the lowest bid on the Hansville Station. But commissioners found that when they totaled the bids on each station that Tec submitted it was more than M J Shockley’s bid on all three. Stations No. 81, 88 and 85 are scheduled for completion by July 2001. Station No. 88 will be located in Hansville at Twin Spits Road, The new NKF&R headquarters (station 81) will be located at Miller Bay Road (near Kountry Korners) in Kingston and a satellite station will also be located in Kingston at South Kingston Road next to the water tower. The Hansville station and Kingston satellite station are the same basic design but the mirror image of one another. Both fire stations will be 5,418 square feet with five sleeping quarters and three apparatus bays. M J Shockley Construction is a 33-year-old Kirkland company that exclusively bids on publicly funded projects. They built the addition to Ridgetop Jr. High School and have done several projects for the Navy at Submarine Base Bangor, Keyport and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Commissioners seemed pleased with their decision. Let’s get to building, said NKF&R Commissioner Gillian Gregory. “