CK girls win state title, boys 3rd to lead Kitsap schools

Central Kitsap’s girls team claimed its second consecutive 3A state title with 74 points Nov. 4 at the State Cross Country Championships at the Tri-Cities.

The CK boys did almost as well placing third.

Leading the girls was Clare Herring, who finished seventh with a time of 18 minutes, 41.1 seconds. Taylor Palmer and Audra Palmer finished 14th and 15th with times of 18:59 and 19:00.9. Camryn Bishoff finished 16th in 19:01, Sally Corder 22nd in 19:22.7, Eva Huff 50th in 20:25.6 and Jacqueline Conger 108th in 21:54.2.

CK’s boys finished with 133 points. Blake Reynolds finished 17th in 16:16.3, Mana Voss 23rd in 16:24.4, Michael Vlach 27th in 16:29.7, Gavin Brown 30th in 16:35.5, David McClain 36th in 16:49.3, Aidan Hermida 66th in 17:22.1 and Ethan Huff 80th in 17:31.7.

The Bainbridge girls team finished 12th with 274 points. Mairin O’Brien finished 31st in 19:54.5, Sabine Hartenstine was 48th in 20:23, Elise Gonzales 54th in 20:31.6, Evelyn Shutske 63rd in 20:41.9, Claire Hungerford 78th in 21:00.7, Cara Brundige 91st in 21:17.7 and Hailey McCulloch 119th in 22:24.4.

The Bainbridge boys team finished 13th with 351 points. Ben Crandall finished 41st with a time of 16 minutes, 53.8 seconds. Laird Ferrel finished 56th in 17:11, Seth Burke 72nd in 17:26.4, Bodie Strom 86th in 17:34.8, Ignacio Llorens 96th in 17:48, Marcus Stroman 105th in 17:52.7 and Kellen Diercks 111th in 18:01.4.

In the 2A scoring, Kingston’s boys finished fifth with 187 points. Lucas Lenz placed sixth in 15:55.6, Luke Whalen 16th in 16:31.3, Emmanuel Moes 49th in 17:46.9, Timothy Clark-Johnston 53rd in 17:51, Zachary Cummings 63rd in 18:05.4, Sawyer Olaf 68th in 18:10.9 and Jarod Worth 92nd in 18:51.4.

Kingston’s girls finished 14th with 354 points. Emmie McGrew was 49th in 21:46, Isabell Hunt 59th in 22:04.9, Biyanca Parker-Henson 76th in 22:42, Ariana Forbes-Prater 82nd in 22:57.4, Sophia Brown 88th in 23:23.5, Olivia McGrew 92nd in 23:34.6 and Emma Grice 93rd in 23:41.3.

Olympic’s boys team finished 14th with 297 points. Samuel Bonsell finished 21st in 16:46.6, Joshua Turner 52nd in 17:50.3, Justin Jaramillo 55th in 17:53.2, Caleb Davis 65th in 18:08, Jerrick Christian Castillo 104th in 19:31.4, Ben Vogt 109th in 20:10.8 and Tucker Woestman 112th in 21:14.

Olympic’s girls team finished 15th with 421 points. Brynn Fulton finished 24th in 20:26.8, Cassia Whittier 90th in 23:30.6, Ashlynn Bullock 91st in 23:33.1, Samantha Tracy 107th in 27:05.3, Lillian Converse 109th in 27:33.3, Aurora Aboussleman 110th in 28:07.1 and Sarah Sutton 111th in 29:36.2.

North Kitsap only had individuals at state. Quinny Stuart finished 44th in 17:05.9 and Liam Johnson 144th in 19:02.4. Kendall Becker finished 95th on the girls side with a time of 22:08.2, Georgia Nelson finished 96th in 22:10.8 and Ingrid Burchill was 126th in 23:25.3.

Bremerton’s Dallin Anderson finished 19th in 16:30.1, and Asher Stewart finished 68th in 17:37.6.

In 1A, Klahowya’s girls team finished 13th with 261 points. Natalie Oathout finished seventh in 19:21.4, Amelia Mayes 45th in 21:52, Ella Salo 46th in 21:55.7, Samantha Schofield finished 70th in 22:31.1, Jordan Clark 93rd in 23:45, Alison Fletcher 106th in 25:47.7 and Hannah Bench 109th in 26:38.3.

Carson Wintch was the only boy to compete for the Eagles. He finished 59th in 17:45.8.

In 4A, South Kitsap girls had three runners. Lauren Laws finished 24th in 19:22.4, Emma Schmutz 34th in 19:36.3 and Joan Hampton 127th in 21:25.2. One runner represented the boys team. Isaac Benjamin finished 76th in 17:06.2.