Poulsbo City Council approves members for Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

As of June 19, all members of the City of Poulsbo’s Lodging Tax Advisory Committee have been approved.

In 1997 the City of Poulsbo adopted resolution #97-09 establishing a “Lodging Tax” otherwise known as the hotel-motel tax. This tax allows cities and counties in Washington state to charge a tax on hotel, motel, RV parks and other types of lodging establishments to benefit that city or county’s tourism.

The revenues from this tax must be spent on things designed to generate tourism in that city or county. Tourism groups, in cities or counties with a population over 5,000 can apply for funds generated from the tax by submitting an application to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC). In cities or counties with a population under 5,000 the applications can be submitted directly to the city/county.

The LTAC must be comprised of at least five members appointed by a governing body, such as a city council or county commission. Committee membership must include at least two representatives of business that would collect the lodging tax, two people involved in activities that could be funded by this tax and one elected official to serve as chair.

For Poulsbo’s LTAC this includes Greg Enright representing the Cultural Arts Foundation of the Northwest and Steve Swann representing the Port of Poulsbo. Other members are Terry Douglas representing the Poulsbo Inn, Britt Livdahl representing Harrison Street Guest Suite and Poulsbo city council member Gary Nystul as committee chair.

In addition to reviewing applications for funds generated by the “Lodging Tax” the LTAC can also approve or disapprove a new lodging tax, raising or lowering the rate of an existing tax, repeal an exemption from the tax or change the use of tax proceeds.