Fishline reeling with holiday basket needs

POULSBO — Some Fishline clients could be facing a not-so-happy new year if the donations from the community don’t increase soon. With less than two weeks to go before Christmas, the Poulsbo food bank is practically swimming in requests from families who are still seeking donated holiday baskets. And, as the clock winds down, officials at Fishline are facing the prospect of having to dig into the organization’s coffers to put food on the tables of needy families throughout North Kitsap.

Bellringer donations pouring in

The need is ever so great this Christmas season in North Kitsap. But, the generosity of North Kitsap families and businesses always seems to increase to meet the need. A steady stream of donations has brought the Bellringer Fund to nearly the halfway point of our $25,000 goal.

Kingston Christmas stirs the spirit

KINGSTON — Seventeen days before Christmas and all through the streets Kingstonites were a stirrin’ and eager to meet — guess who? Santa Claus, the jolly old elf, made several appearances at the Kingston Country Christmas celebration held Saturday. If you didn’t catch him posing for pictures and taking down wishes at the Kingston Community Center, then you might have seen him atop a red fire engine as he arrived to light the tree at the marina. He could also be seen later at the Kingston Cove Yacht Club greeting the boaters and enjoying some homemade chili.

What happened to “presumed innocent?”

Kitsap remembers what happened the last time a group of people were singled out because of their racial or national origin. In our eagerness to protect ourselves against terrorism are we making the same mistake again?

Cavaliers 19-0 run keys blowout over Blazers

KINGSTON — Jared Prince had 32 points and the Kingston Junior High Cavaliers took advantage of a 19-0 run to defeat Marcus Whitman Junior High Monday, 88-45. The Cavaliers (4-1) used suffocating first-quarter defense to key several turnovers and build an early 19-0 lead on the Trailblazers (1-3).

Behavior problems rise slightly after Sept. 11

POULSBO — It doesn’t necessarily show up in progress reports or disciplinary actions. But in the hallways and classrooms of the North Kitsap School District, administrators have noticed a change in students after the attacks of Sept. 11.

Add Bellringer to your gift list

Trying to choose a gift for a person who seems to have everything? Consider making a donation in their name to the Bellringer Fund. Many people choose to honor a special friend, or the memory of a special person with a donation each year. You’ll know your contribution truly helps a North Kitsap family in need.

Dead tree clearing angers tribe, public

POULSBO — If a tree falls in a the woods and into a salmon stream and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Who knows. If it falls next to Poulsbo Village, it caused plenty of noise.

Deputy Wright joins KJH as new SRO

KINGSTON — Sometimes Heather’s Wright’s belt, which holds her gun and other Kitsap Sheriff’s Deputy equipment, prevents her from playing basketball well with the students at Kingston Junior High. Other than that, Wright is fitting in well as the Student Resource Officer at Kingston Junior High.

NK roars; Vikings top Lions

POULSBO — The Vikings knew how to fill up a stat sheet Wednesday night, but to see the most important performance, you may have to read between the lines. The Vikings 59-48 victory was fueled by Bryan Haupt and Jerrod Gonzales, who combined to score 50 points.

Panthers’ strong finish equals win over Cavs

KINGSTON — Several of Jacob Gonzales’s baskets proved more flamboyant than his hair Tuesday afternoon — and that’s a tall order. The shaggy-maned Gonzales scored a number of jump shots and twisting layups on his way to a 32-point performance for the Poulsbo Panthers.

Point No Point Casino: a new beacon for fun seekers

LITTLE BOSTON — Gaming just got a little more competitive in North KItsap. The Point No Point Casino, well on its way to completion, will open this spring with the typical and not so typical casino fare and flair. “We plan to really concentrate on customer service. There’s room for two of us,” said Patricia McFadden, general manager for the casino.

Phoa Xa? It’s a loose translation for ‘fantastic noodles’

POULSBO — They talked about it after their respective graduations from North Kitsap High School in 1984 and 1986 but when Chung Nguyen and Xa Nguyen put it all together late last month even they were surprised. Like many dreams, Xa (who is not related to Chung) said opening his own restaurant seemed like something that might never happen — when it did and all the preparations were done — all he and his family could do is smile in relief. And, of course, work long, hard hours.

Pearl Harbor memorial event set for Friday

KEYPORT — Every year, Wes Carey invites as many Pearl Harbor survivors as he can to a memorial event in Keyport.

Gymnasts balance new expectations

POULSBO — This year, members of the North Kitsap High School gymnastics team want to announce their presence — to the rest of the Narrows League and to their fans. Last year, the team got a new practice area in downtown Poulsbo, where Trek Gymnastics allows the Vikings to use its gym.

Rolling out the fire engine red carpet

KINGSTON — When Herb Todd, a founding member of Suquamish Volunteer Firefighting Association, began serving his community more than 50 years ago, there was no such thing as 911 or radio contact. There was no such thing as North Kitsap Fire & Rescue.

Drenched, blustery Yul Fest warms spirits

POULSBO — It may have been an omen when the typically “picture perfect” Miss Poulsbo Jeana Ostheller showed up looking a bit frazzled with her umbrella turned inside-out. Ostheller’s smile revealed that she was none the worse for wear though as she nestled in her fur cape for protection against fierce winds and bone-chilling rain.

Bellringer fund counts on you

What’s the right amount to donate to Bellringer? Any amount will help. We’ve had contributions from children of less than a dollar as well as very large (often anonymous) amounts. Every donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated and makes a difference in the lives of a family in North Kitsap.

Mud slide snarls traffic, delays ferry

Mother Nature gave North Kitsap motorists a double whammy with snow on Wednesday then a mud slide on Thursday morning. Thursday’s mud slide on Bainbridge Island near Reitan Road closed down State Route 305 and the Agate Pass Bridge from about 6:30 a.m. to about 8 a.m. when one lane of alternating flow traffic was restored. The slowdowns lasted until both lanes of traffic were opened in late morning and the backups were finally alleviated.

UGA: The end is near

POULSBO — It’s been like watching a couple of tennis players try to whack a bowling ball over the net, but after seven years of trial, error, confusion, derision, agreement and debate, efforts by Kitsap County and Poulsbo to create an Urban Growth Area for the city could be coming to a close later this month. Kitsap County commissioners Wednesday night said they hoped to make a final decision on the long-standing issue by the end of the year and now all city officials can do is wait and see what happens. They will not be alone.