Sharing a lifetime of love

"POULSBO - She was a freshman - a member of the Junior League and in the school play. He was a senior, on the baseball team and played saxophone in the school band. It was love at first sight. The year was 1928. "

“Happy Birthday, North Kitsap Herald”

"For 100 years, not a week has gone by in North Kitsap without the Herald. Through wars, the Great Depression, incredible growth and change in the area, this newspaper has come out each and every week. "

Village green talks raise questionsWhere will the community center go?

"KINGSTON - The proposed Kola Kole Park master plan concept provided perhaps more questions than answers for those who attended a public forum Tuesday at Kingston Junior High. This concept plan, which designates Kola Kole as a village green and would develop the water sewer treatment plant site as an active park area, did not include a community center. It does include the Kingston skatepark, a community garden area and Ed Moon Ballfield. "

Singer Williamson inspires West Sound

"SUQUAMISH - Singer/songwriter Cris Williamson visited West Sound Academy Monday afternoon, giving the students three hours of tips and inspiration. Williamson has released 19 CDs (and told the students she is working on a 20th); she has performed in Russia; she has sold out Carnegie Hall. "

Indianola puppy tale has a happy ending

"INDIANOLA - The white pup bounds over the best she can, eyeing the fluffy gray tail belonging to Hazel - a cat about four times her size. The pup nips at the tail that flicks with annoyance. Hazel's eyes are more green than gray. The feline, showing little patience or affection for her new housemate, gives her a warning. Maizie, like most puppies, takes it all in stride and finds some other adorable puppy way to entertain herself and her new owners. "

Museum to be built – history gets first home

"POULSBO - It's been 114 years in the making but as long-time Poulsbo resident Archie Lien put it Wednesday night, Better late than never. Lien, talking to city council, was referring to the prospects of a Poulsbo Historical Museum. Let's do it, he added. Lien wasn't alone in his position, which was also supported by Poulsbo Historical Society members Herb Myers and Bill Austin. "

“Road rage – residents, county divided”

"INDIANOLA - Is it a road? Is it a path? Whatever it is, a group of neighbors with picket signs and fliers in hand took to the street Saturday to reclaim Ash Avenue. We've gotten our rights rights taken away, said Chris Moore, an Indianola resident. He and his neighbors have been involved in a year-long dispute with the county about whether Ash Avenue is in fact a road. "

Suquamish celebrating New Yearcelebrating New Year

"SUQUAMISH - Tickets are still available for the Suquamish Tribe's Native New Year celebration scheduled for 3:30 p.m. today at the Tribal Center. The event, which features native dance and a salmon dinner, celebrates the changing of the seasons, said Peg Deam, the Suquamish Tribe's cultural specialist. "

Students to represent Norway in D.C.

"POULSBO - Ten students at North Kitsap High School will fly to Washington D.C. next week to represent Norway at a model U.N. conference. The conference simulates life at the United Nations, student say - everything from heated discussions and subtle negotiations to 3 a.m. phone calls about international incidents. "

Two wheels and one large dream

"POULSBO - Lisa and Kelly Campo are finding that life is a lot like riding a bicycle. There are long, boring routes. Easy downhill portions. Unexpected curves and often painful hills that must be overcome as the road stretches off into the unknown. The Poulsbo couple almost lost it all on one of these hills when Lisa's future took a severe turn for the worse. She was diagnosed with throat cancer in August 1999. "

Impasse ends UGA back at Planning Commission

"POULSBO - Poulsbo City Council backed its advisory planning commission last Wednesday night, ending an untimely pause in the Urban Growth Area process which had been going on for the last month. After running into a stalemate with the Kitsap County Planning Commission during what was to be a city-run joint planning process, the local group received authority to take the reins on the proposal and continue its work to develop an Urban Growth Area for Poulsbo. "

Let there be jazz

"This year's Viking Jazz Festival will be a celebration in more ways than one. First is the usual reason for North Kitsap jazz fans to be happy: the festival will again feature great jazz from junior high and high school bands and choirs from all around Western Washington. But this year there is an extra dollup of icing on the cake, because the Viking Jazz Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary. "

Students search for roots at culture fair

"KINGSTON - Scott Shawcroft brought a painting made by his great-great grandfather. Martin Baisa brought an old glass milk bottle. Mike Gentry brought an electric guitar, and during spare moments during Wednesday's Kingston Junior High cultural fair you could find Gentry and some of his friends strumming. "

An old spin on new telecom problems

POULSBO - Trying to plan for the future of telecommunications in Kitsap County isn't an easy feat. Just ask members of the Regional Telecom Committee. The group took an innovative approach to the problem of crystal balling such issues as telephone and Internet access this Thursday as they heard from retired Admiral Bruce Harlow on what it takes to create a successful communications coup. Harlow did just that in the mid-1980s when he spearheaded an effort to do away with long-distance telephone charges in Kitsap County. His efforts are pretty much the reason calls from Poulsbo to Kingston are free.

Salmon 101: How to keep a fish happy

"POULSBO - What does an endangered fish want? Well, other than being taken off the endangered list, one might say space, clean water and beneficial surroundings. "

Shaping the future face of Kingston

KINGSTON - Laura Roseveare's visions for Kingston is that it be the kind of friendly little town where you can drive down the road doing the Kingston wave and know who you're waving to. She also sees her 11-mile commute taking less than the 20 minutes it takes now.

Hansville man killed in house fire

"HANSVILLE - Lowell Quesnell, 77, lost his life Tuesday while trying to stop a stove fire from destroying the waterfront cabin he had owned for more than 40 years. He was a very generous, kind-hearted guy who spent his time looking out for everyone, his son Nick Quesnell said. "

Volunteers testing the waters at Carpenter Creek

"KINGSTON - Braving the mud and the muck, about 20 Kingston residents ventured down to Carpenter Creek Saturday to test its waters. Concerned that the nearly three-mile creek is not as healthy as it should be, the group will start monthly testing at three different points on the creek. "

City backs off selling parks

"POULSBO - Open space lovers can sleep a little bit easier tonight - Mitchusson Park and Forest Rock Hill Park are apparently here to stay. Two weeks after the Poulsbo Finance Committee made the declaration that it was considering the sale of the two sites, the group Wednesday night officially pulled the 3.06-acre Forest Rock Hill property off the possible list. They also agreed to go forward with a wetlands study of the 9.5-acre Mitchusson Park to determine how much of the land was fully usable. "

NK Success succeeding in Poulsbo

"POULSBO - Through effort, experimentation and hard work, the NK Success program has lived up to its name at North Kitsap High School. The program allows students to meet with adult mentors once a month at the high school. It began four years ago, and was meant as a way to link high schoolers with adult community members. When the program began, it was different than it is now. "