NK boys team collapses against Knights

POULSBO — North Kitsap’s boys’ basketball team has hit several bumps in the road this year. But Friday night was more like a three-car pileup.

A good night’s sleep is all in a day’s work

KINGSTON — For Dennis and Beverly Hotz, a satisfied customer is a well-rested one. The couple owns the Bargain Stop Discount Mattresses in Kingston and for the past year and a half have been supplying North Kitsap sleepers with comfort and support.

Thanks to you, United Way is over the top

Community seems to have bottomless pockets this giving season, as people dig deep to help their neighbors.

Seabeck residents protest teen sex offender

Camp Union has a new resident, and neighbors aren’t happy about it. Nicholas Stroeder, a 13-year-old ward of the state and convicted sex offender, moved into a foster care home on the 2000 block of Cantu Lane in Central Kitsap on Friday, Jan. 18. He was placed there after an exhaustive three-week search by the state Department of Social and Health Services. Area residents gathered Tuesday, Jan. 22, near the intersection of Cantu Lane and Holly Road to protest the state’s decision with signs and banners.

Crowd of 5,000 welcomes Carl Vinson home

With two nuclear reactors providing power beneath him and thousands of loved ones before him, who could fault commanding officer Capt. Rick Wren for bringing the carrier USS Carl Vinson home early on Wednesday? The carrier completed a six-month deployment to the Arabian Sea and received a rainy greeting from 5,000 people pierside at Naval Station Bremerton and another 500 people on the Bremerton Boardwalk.

Kingston woman celebrates a century

There was cake. There was singing. There were warm wishes to the birthday girl. This birthday was the big one. Joan McCune of Kingston celebrated her 100th birthday Thursday at the Kingston Community Center.

Gift of orchids surprises and delights NK school

Orchids have been known to bring out strong emotions among those with green thumbs, and Erin Murphy is no exception. Murphy, a teacher who works with the horticulture program at Poulsbo Junior High, recently walked among 250-plus orchids that were donated to the horticulture program a few days before, searching for blooms. One plant had unfurled its white, delicate flowers; another had grown brilliantly purple blooms, and Murphy leaned in for a closer look.

Ground Zero group carries on non-violent legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Carrying banners with the words of Martin Luther King Jr., members of Ground Zero followed the slain non-violent civil rights leader’s actions Monday afternoon. The group of about 30 converged on Naval Submarine Base Bangor with colorful banners to protest the Trident nuclear weapons housed at the base. The Trident nuclear submarines has been the focus of anti-nuclear protesters since it opened 25 years ago. For the third consecutive year, Martin Luther King’s birthday also became a demonstration day.

Johansen honored by Title 1 program

POULSBO — When she was in elementary school, Katie Johansen was so shy, and so embarrassed about her reading and writing skills, that she would hide her head in her arms when she wrote. But thanks to the national Title I program, Johansen learned to read, and write, and eventually, hold her head high.

Cultural fair gives students a look into their pasts

Friday night’s cultural fair at Poulsbo Junior High boasted plenty of impressive props, from a wagon wheel to a Japanese fan, from a smoke-blackened lantern to a box of apples. But the best — and most surprising — prop was probably Sean Kelley. Kelley, 9, was the main feature in older sister Nicole’s report on coal mining, which was the profession of her great-grandfather in West Virginia. Sean stood in a torn white T-shirt and blackened face to display the grittiness of the coal-mining life. Nicole, an eighth-grader like all of the students who participated in Friday night’s cultural fair, had thoughtfully hung an explanatory sign around Sean’s neck that began: “Small members of coal-mining families were expected to work at the coal mines ...” It also said, “Exhibit 1.”

Celebrations welcome sailors home

The party is set — all that’s left is for the honored guests to arrive. One of the largest Navy homecomings in recent Bremerton history will occur today at 1 p.m., when the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson returns from a six-month deployments to the Arabian Sea.

Derelict boats target of House bill

OLYMPIA--What to do with that old boat? After the dream of boat ownership becomes a nightmare for an owner who can’t maintain or repair a boat, some “dispose” of their boat by casting it adrift or sinking it anywhere that’s convenient. Derelict boats and boats sunk in area harbors become a safety hazard for area ports; then local authorities find themselves in a legal limbo when they try to seize or move the boat.A bill proposed by Rep. Phil Rockefeller would clear the way for boat removals.

Transportation efficiencies bill clears House

OLYMPIA ––The first transportation bill of the 2002 Legislative session, HB 2304, was approved on Friday by the House, which voted along party lines 51-46. Rep. Bev Woods (R), Poulsbo, expressed deep disappointment and voted against the bill which she felt was rushed through the approval process with virtually no bipartisan support.

Opposites attract…all sorts of coffee and art lovers

Poulsbohemian gets single owner, but stays true to its "whim-whim" philosophy

Ghost-written letters haunt supporters of the proposed charter

Two key leaders of a committee to advocate for a new Kitsap County charter resigned on Thursday, Jan. 17, over a controversy involving a letters to the editor campaign. Matt Ryan of Brownsville and Jim Martin of South Kitsap stepped down from the pro-charter Citizens for Better Representation committee late Thursday night.

Reading program enriches students at Suquamish

SUQUAMISH — Now that a new reading program is up and running at Suquamish Elementary, one large question remains: who benefits more, the students being tutored, or the tutors themselves? That’s the unique aspect of the program, its organizers say. The program pays tuition funds to high-school students in exchange for their tutoring and reading with fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.

Poulsbo expects to halve EDC request

POULSBO — The suggestion to cut Poulsbo’s 2002 Kitsap Regional Economic Development Council funding request Wednesday night came from an unexpected source. With uncertain economic times at hand, one of KREDC’s most vocal supporters and members, City Councilman Ed Stern, was the first to pipe up and propose that this year’s level of assistance remain at $15,000 instead of increasing to $30,000.

Looking at a new face for city hall

POULSBO — The city staff may be moving on up, to the east side... next year if plans to create a brand new Poulsbo municipal campus go forward. The project, which has been in the conceptual stage for over a year, took a huge step Wednesday night as city council unanimously agreed to accept the final master plan and continue efforts to move city government offices from sites on Jensen Way, Hostmark Street and 8th Avenue to a single location on the corner of 7th Avenue and Iverson Way.

County voters mull charter options

As mail-in ballots begin to arrive in Kitsap, so do the politics. The nonpartisan election concerning the style of county government has taken a decidedly political turn.

Pondering the proposed county charter

Before you vote, join us in a little head-scratching. Ask yourself what the politicians and residents of North Kitsap have to gain from the proposed charter. The answers may surprise you.