Mother Nature rains on parade, not spirit

POULSBO — As if on cue, the heavens opened up just as the first Harley Davidson rolled down Front Street to kick off the 35th Viking Fest parade.

North runs over Capital on the way to districts

TACOMA — Dan Kolda may be a wily pitcher with years of experience, but he couldn’t sneak anything by the North Kitsap fastpitch team this week.

A head start for a spectacular Fourth

KINGSTON — Fireworks are expected to fly this summer for the Kingston Fourth of July celebration, or at least organizers hope they do if things go as planned.

Viking Fest’s final two days offer plenty of exciting times

POULSBO — Before the first funnel cake is sugared. Before the first Viking mugs for the cameras. Before the first pancake is flipped, there’s a lot of work that goes into making Viking Fest happen.

I yam what I yam, says Kingston resident

KINGSTON — Alan Chessman never thought he would be able to get the recipe of one of his favorite dishes in Seattle until it involved going on television.

Blooming out for the summer

KINGSTON — Mother Nature’s sweet smell and the sights of spring has arrived, with the assistance of some local helping hands.

Traffic concerns continue on eve of celebration

POULSBO — With the first day of Lindvig construction nearing a close, downtown merchants gathered at city hall chambers Wednesday to voice their continued fears for Viking Fest.

Editorial-A Norwegian paradise awaits

It’s a shame that the Weekly World News beat the North Kitsap Herald to a riveting story about a 1,200-year-old Viking who was found frozen in a block of ice.

Davis and Fairchild ‘Teachers of the Year’

POULSBO — One teacher brings the past alive in her classroom. The other helps guide his students into a foreign culture.

Editorial-Why Lindvig, and why now?

Lindvig Bridge. As Viking Fest approaches, it is becoming quite the buzz word in downtown circles and beyond. As the project gets underway, traffic that is already snared on Finn Hill will worsen significantly.

Kingston UGA gets surprise go ahead

KINGSTON — Kitsap County has decided to let the little city by the sea move forward with a decision that has been 13 years in the waiting.

The Fest is the best in Poulsbo this weekend

POULSBO — The 35th Annual Viking Fest kicks off in two days, promising the same excitement the three-day celebration has come to be known for.

Food banks hope the donation is in the mail

Local postal carriers will be picking up more than just the mail Saturday as members of the National Association of Letter Carriers takes up their bags during the group’s 11th annual food drive May 10.

Editorial-Step out for a worthy cause

Everyone out there who doesn’t need exercise and a good time please raise your hands... No one? Well then there really isn’t much of an excuse to miss out on an event where you can get both and raise some money for a worthy cause as well.

Nelson Park design will retain rural feel

POULSBO — With about a month to go before development of Nelson Park is set to occur, Poulsbo Parks and Recreation now has a working drawing of how the finished product will likely look.

Veterans of longest day finally get day in the sun

POULSBO — Congressman Jay Inslee commented Saturday that he felt it was most appropriate to honor the sons of liberty on the shores of Liberty Bay.

North Kitsap trio leads swing revival

POULSBO — North Kitsap High School freshman Miquela Pendleton is so serious on the golf course that her demeanor has earned its own nickname: ‘The Miquela March.’

Hansville gazes into the planning crystal ball

HANSVILLE — When an April Fool’s sign on the corner of Point No Point Road promised a future of high rise condos and wetland-friendly water parks in Kitsap County’s northernmost town, it was an ironic wake up call for the leaders of Hansville, Eglon and surrounding communities.

Editorial-Rotary gets a huge boost

Generosity in the northern reaches of this county may just be the best thing about living here. That’s what members of the Poulsbo-North Kitsap Rotary must’ve been thinking earlier this week when the final tally for the group’s annual auction came in.

North Kitsap wrestling coach Maguire resigns

POULSBO — Larry Maguire has decided that 42 years in school is enough.