North Kitsap kickers have goals in mind

POULSBO — If the North Kitsap Vikings can play against their opponents as efficiently and enthusiastically as they do each other, 2003 may be a successful year in the Narrows League.

Council breaks building ban

POULSBO — The sound of hammers and saws in the Old Town will be allowed to resume before the results of a study of the area are known.

Firey Viking volleyball team ready to hit the deck

POULSBO — If the North Kitsap volleyball team is successful this year, part of the reason may be that it’s had a little help from above: the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

Kingston can speak now or forever hold its peace

KINGSTON — Members of the community who have been intensely involved with the redesign of Kingston’s Urban Growth Area boundaries have just one more hurdle to jump.

Student safety is a two-way street

It’s just a matter of time before residents of North Kitsap start complaining about those kids and their fast cars. Back to school translates into many more cars on the road during the morning commute and one heck of a lot more vehicles in the hours immediately following the end of daily classes.

Local blood drives honor a girl with a lot of heart

POULSBO — Emily Jensen said she and Phoenix Solis have a lot in common — namely that neither have the slightest inclination to give up.

Green money earning some greener energy

With hopes that future generations will be able to live off renewable resources such as wind or solar power, Martin Edwards of Kingston is paying a little more on his electric bill today.

Market soars open with amenities

LITTLE BOSTON — The developers at the Port Gamble Development Authority have been busy the past several months, keeping one eye on current economic developments and the other on future ventures.

Port hoping its six-year plan floats

POULSBO — The future of the Port of Poulsbo may be a bit clearer soon, as commissioners near completion of the port’s newest comprehensive plan.

A new day is dawning on Dogfish Creek

POULSBO — From the northern reaches of Vancouver Island to the southern tip of Liberty Bay, she has dodged sea lions and outrun orcas for weeks to fulfill a mission that she will ultimately pay for with her life. She is a coho salmon, returning to the stream of her birth where she will give birth and then die. She is returning to Dogfish Creek.

Rotary opens book on newest chapter

KINGSTON — As evidenced by the Poulsbo/North Kitsap Rotary’s recent donation of $100,000 to Olympic College-Poulsbo, when Rotarians say they are going to do something, they most certainly do it.

Bainbridge opener to kick off football’s 2003 season

POULSBO — Jeremiah Doehne’s thirst to beat Bainbridge Island in football began around the time he made his first tackle.

Bight chomping at the bit for cabin

POULSBO — After ending a grueling fight to remodel the Nelson farmhouse in June, the Bight of Poulsbo could have rested on its laurels. Could have but didn’t.

WASL scores for North Kitsap staying ahead of state’s pace

POULSBO — When it comes to Washington State’s most important test, North Kitsap remains ahead of the curve.

Dock Boy Olympics golden as competition marks summer’s end at OOC

POULSBO — Darkness had arrived at Liberty Bay just before 9 p.m. on Friday night, but that didn’t prevent Forrest Wells from placing a pair of sunglasses over his eyes.

Going back to school? Ha ha!

Well, well. Your three-month vacation has ended (or is about to for you college kids) and as you sit down for a long lecture on the pros and cons of the isosceles triangle or whether Marxism has any redeeming qualities modern day society should consider, it’s important that you remember that such vacations will be few and far between when you hit the working world.

NK Pee Wees to take to the Seahawks Stadium turf in October

POULSBO — Some of North Kitsap’s youngest football players will get a chance to play on one of the game’s biggest stages.

Suquamish man dies in accident

SUQUAMISH — A 22-year-old Suquamish man was pronounced dead at the scene of a Suquamish Way accident that resulted in a power outage early Sunday morning.

Herns give OC a touch of class

POULSBO — John Hern has all kinds of stories about things he’s seen and done during his 22 years in Poulsbo. Helping Viking Ave change and grow.

Group hopes to topple county tower proposal

INDIANOLA — Community members concerned about a proposed 300-foot guyed communications tower to be constructed in Indianola have organized themselves in a way so their opinions can be heard more clearly.