Diversity in culture brings them back

SUQUAMISH — Dancing, drum circles, grilled salmon and a warm welcoming attitude is what seems to bring people back year after year to Chief Seattle Days.

CAFN nets a winner on the shores of Liberty Bay

POULSBO — Without any hesitation, Greg Enright called Arts by the Bay 2003 a masterpiece. “It went great,” event organizer Enright said Monday. “The crowds were a little sparse but some of the vendors said they did the best business they’d done before.”

Rotary makes and meets 10-year promise to OC

POULSBO — A promise made 10 years ago was fulfilled last week when the Poulsbo/North Kitsap Rotary handed Olympic College representatives a check for $100,000.

Poulsbo group gets trial by fire during vacation

POULSBO — A group of horse lovers proved their titles recently as they saved 18 equines from perishing in the Kamloops fires.

Piranhas take a bite of swimming scene

POULSBO — The Piranhas Swim Team, which once was minnow-sized, has grown. The North Kitsap-based swim program has swelled to 45 or 50 members, and will add a Masters’ program beginning in late August for anyone 18 years or older.

Walking up a slippery slope

If it seems like the Poulsbo/North Kitsap Rotary gets a lot of editorial column ink, we assure you, it’s very well deserved. About a decade ago, the civic group pledged a whopping $100,000 to assist higher learning at the then pie- in-the-sky Olympic College branch campus in Poulsbo. In 1993, that was a fortune. It still is.

Produce venue grows beyond Kitsap

KINGSTON — Being a logging community, the North End isn’t exactly prone to producing large amounts of agricultural products, or more specifically, produce.

Thieves fast forwarded to jail

POULSBO — Three local teenagers banked on a big payoff but got two thumbs down from police in a botched burglary over the weekend.

Kingston sewer funds get pumping

KINGSTON — The final step has been taken toward a more efficient sewage treatment plant for Kingston residents. The Washington State Department of Ecology has given final approval for a $14.2 million loan to Kitsap County that will be used to build a new wastewater treatment plant on Norman Road.

Valley is brewing up something special

POULSBO — Think of it as a latte stand for your garden. But please, don’t drink it yourself. This month, Poulsbo’s Valley Nursery installed a SoilSoup dispenser at its Bond Road location. New on the market this spring, the units allow people to “brew” a gallon of beneficial compost tea at the touch of a button.

Big ship returns to Little Norway

POULSBO — Last week, the 125-foot Island Spirit made waves in town when it dropped anchor at the Poulsbo Marina for the day. This week was no different.

Kingston trees vandalized again

KINGSTON — Citizens received an unpleasant surprise this week while walking or driving along the east side of West Kingston Road.

Well-read burglars take joy, luck out of Kingston

KINGSTON — Burglars were apparently looking for some used literature to go with their Chinese food Aug. 10. Or just some fast cash.

Adult hockey skates into Bremerton’s new Ice Rink

BREMERTON — Young or old, rookie or veteran — the skills of the inaugural summer season of the Bremerton Adult Hockey League (BAHL) are all over the ice Sunday nights at the Bremerton Ice Arena.

Poulsbo Village merchants wake up to sorrow

POULSBO — It’s not the kind of milestone Poulsbo Village management is going to celebrate. Thieves hit nine of its storefronts Aug. 12. The incident is the worst burglary in the shopping center’s nearly 20-year history.

Re-educating our NK vandals

Education is key in improving our society. It’s what turns the knob and opens the door to bettering the community in which we live.

Suquamish’s Cedar Farm goes up in flames

SUQUAMISH — A local wood treatment business fell victim to an early morning blaze Aug. 15. North Kitsap Fire & Rescue crews arrived on the scene at The Cedar Farm in downtown Suquamish around 3:30 a.m. Friday.

Volleyball camp a big hit with local spikers

KINGSTON — On the first day of a recent volleyball camp at Kingston Junior High, Olympic College head volleyball coach Tobie Moore served a ball to a group of young athletes.

Suquamish Tribe will Pow Wow the crowds once again

SUQUAMISH — Ever since 1911, the life of Chief Seattle has been celebrated every year on his native waters and land. The third weekend in August is reserved to honor the man who helped establish area tribes as they are today.

Rainy weather doesn’t dampen sale’s income

HANSVILLE — Hard-core rummage sale shoppers don’t let anything get in the way when seeking good deals, even if gray rain clouds threaten to dampen them.