Multiple violations reported at Viking Way LRA

Level 3 sex offenders reported to have left without GPS monitoring, behaved aggressively to staff

Two sex offenders living at a controversial facility in Poulsbo have been found to have violated the terms of their conditional release to a Less Restrictive Alternative (LRA) program, with one offender even leaving the residence without GPS monitoring.

According to recently acquired documents from the Washington State Department of Corrections, two of the four sexually violent predators being housed at a for-profit group home on Viking Way have violated the terms of their conditional releases since being placed in the home. One man, Michael Loyle, was found to have failed to adhere to GPS monitoring instructions while traveling in the community on Feb. 21.

Documents say an “XT device” is a component of the monitoring system, worn by Loyle, “which communicates with the GPS bracelet in terms of acquiring GPS points.” Loyle’s device was reportedly left behind when he exited the residence to take a walk. Documents added that Loyle is permitted to walk a path along several acres to the west of the residence.

Elmer Gillis, another offender housed at the residence, was reported by the Department of Corrections to have used a staff member’s passcode to access the internet on multiple occasions dating back to Feb. 1. According to the violation report, Gillis “watched a number of videos about food trucks and also stated that he watched a number of videos involving famous female musical artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey. He denied accessing these videos for sexual gratification purposes.”

Reports received by Department of Corrections staff on April 1 and May 12 also outline incidents in which Gillis became belligerent toward staff at the residence.

In one incident Gillis appeared to become agitated after a staff member ordered him to “change the channel” on a television due to displays of children appearing on the screen. In this incident Gillis “proceeded to yell some profanities at [staff member] and got in his face.” On another occasion, Gillis was attempting to operate an electrical mixer when another staff member “suggested he plug the blender in for the appliance to work properly. At which point Mr. Gillis yelled some obscenities at [staff member].”

Loyle was convicted of communication with a minor for immoral purposes in 1984, indecent exposure in 1992 and rape of a child in the first degree in 1993. While serving his sentence for the 1993 rape conviction, Loyle received several infractions for sexually inappropriate behavior and refusing to follow staff directives.

In 1984 Gillis was convicted of attempted indecent liberties, in 1990 he was convicted of rape in the second degree, in 1993 he was convicted of assault in the second degree with sexual motivation.

According to a spokesperson with the Department of Social and Health Services, Gillis has been sent back to the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. Loyle remains at the residence on Viking Way.

Organizers with Washington State for Public Safety said they found the nature of the violation reports to be deeply troubling.

“I felt like at the first community meeting that was the point that they made to the community, that there were electronic home monitoring devices on the offenders living at the home,” said Becky Hoyt of WSPS.

“That was part of the community protection restrictions put on these individuals released from the [Special Commitment Center] to make sure that our community was safe. So to hear that not only have they been out in Poulsbo without the device on, but also that wasn’t enough of a violation to return the individual back to the SCC, was shocking and scary.”

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